CI Audio Processor

These support guides will help you handle and care for the RONDO 3 Audio Processor.

Using the Telecoil Adapter

RONDO 3’s telecoil adapter is a plug-in device that allows you to use hearing loops in public venues as well as telecoil-enabled phones.


Remove the audio processor from the head.


Open the rubber socket cover.

RONDO 3 - Telecoil Adapter 

Plug the telecoil adapter into the socket. RONDO 3 will now automatically pick up the signal from the hearing loop or neckloop.


To deactivate the telecoil function, remove the telecoil adapter from the audio processor.


The input selection key (MT) of the FineTuner Echo has no effect on the telecoil adapter. Your healthcare provider can adjust the loudness of the adapter for each audio processor program.


Refer to your user manual for more information.