Passive Middle Ear Implants

Passive middle ear implants are a hearing solution that can provide you with efficient sound transmission and get you back to hearing. With 11 adaptable prostheses, there’s sure to be one that fits your ear.

Passive Middle Ear Implants
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Who Can Passive Middle Ear Implants Help?

The middle ear is made of three tiny bones called the ossicles. They transport sound to the inner ear so we can hear. But sometimes they stop working, resulting in conductive hearing loss. Some common causes are otosclerosis, chronic otitis media, and cholesteatoma.

  • Restore the natural hearing pathway

  • Biocompatible and biostable

  • MRI conditional at 1.5, 3.0, and 7.0 Tesla

  • Made of titanium

How They Work

With passive middle ear implants, it’s possible to get back to hearing—without an external component. These prostheses can be used to replace non-functioning bones in the middle ear. That way vibrations can travel from the eardrum through the remaining parts of the ossicular chain and the prosthesis to the inner ear. From there, signals are sent to your brain so you can perceive sound.

Passive Middle Ear Implants

Tympanoplasty Prostheses

If your middle ear’s ossicular chain is no longer able to vibrate due to damage, inflammation, or cholesteatoma, then some—or all—of the bones may need to be replaced with a tympanoplasty prosthesis.

Tympanoplasty Prostheses

Stapes Prostheses

The stapes is the part of the ossicular chain closest to the inner ear. If it can’t move—for example, due to otosclerosis—it can be replaced with a stapes prosthesis.

Stapes Prostheses
“Hearing has given me a new lease on life… having conversations isn’t as tiring.”
Anja, PMEI recipient

Passive Middle Ear Implantation

Ossicular reconstruction with a tympanoplasty implant and stapes surgery with a stapes implant are standard surgeries that are performed frequently in clinics. Please talk to your doctor to find out more about these procedures.

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