Electric Acoustic Stimulation

If you have trouble hearing high-pitched sounds, discover how an Electric Acoustic Stimulation (EAS) system could give you the joys of sound.

What is EAS

What is EAS?

Are certain sounds easier to hear than others? Do people always sound as if they're mumbling? Do you feel that your hearing aids are just not good enough?
If this sounds familiar, you may be missing out on hearing high-pitched sounds. When you cannot hear high-pitched sounds, you have a type of hearing loss known as high-frequency hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is common in both children and adults.

EAS is the combination of two technologies: cochlear implant technology for high-pitched sounds, and hearing aid technology for low-pitched sounds. By using two different technologies in one device, you can hear the full range of sounds, making it much easier to chat with friends, enjoy music, and communicate in everyday life.

Low-Pitched Sounds—Hearing Aid Technology

Low Pitch Sounds 1 2 3
  1. 1Sounds are detected by the microphones of the audio processor.
  2. 2Low-pitched sounds are made louder and sent through the earmold to the ear.
  3. 3These sounds are processed by the cochlea and sent to the brain.

High-Pitched Sounds—Cochlear Implant Technology

High Pitch Sounds 1 2 3
  1. 1Sounds are detected by the microphones of the audio processor.
  2. 2High-pitched sounds are sent to the implant as electrical signals.
  3. 3These sounds are processed by the cochlea and sent to the brain.
More Than Just Hearing

More Than Just Hearing

EAS is proven to give you better hearing. And better hearing has many more benefits for your lifestyle, including:

  • Easier to socialise with friends
  • Improved relationship with family members
  • Better hearing in noisy settings, like restaurants
  • Easier listening on the phone
EAS System

The Perfect Match

Your EAS system consists of two parts: the implant and the audio processor. The audio processor is worn on the outside of your head, sitting comfortably on your ear. It contains the microphones that pick up the sounds around you, and then sends these sounds to your implant and the earmold in your ear. You’ll wear your audio processor all day every day, except when you’re asleep.
The implant is surgically placed just under your skin, and works with your audio processor to let you hear sounds as naturally as possible. This part of the system will be with you for many years to come, so you should keep the future in mind when choosing your implant.

And with the help of our apps, you can make hearing with your EAS system even simpler and more convenient.



Great sound quality is only possible with a great implant. With SYNCHRONY 2 you can benefit from the latest EAS technology and our MRI Guarantee.

But the biggest advantage of SYNCHRONY 2 is that it mimics natural hearing. The result? The closest to natural hearing of any cochlear implant system.

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Built For Everyday

Light and comfortable to wear, SONNET 2 EAS is your ideal audio processor. Its water-resistant design makes it practical for every day, and there are plenty of ways to make SONNET 2 match your personal style.
What’s more, with dual microphone technology, SONNET 2 EAS gives you your best hearing wherever you are.

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 User Stories

Connect With a Real User

Our Hearpeers Mentors are cochlear implant recipients and parents of recipients from around the world. They are ready to answer your questions about life with a hearing implant.

The Next Steps

What can you expect next? Here’s an outline of the process of receiving a cochlear implant.

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