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We’re passionate about bringing the sounds of life, laughter, and music to people with hearing loss every day. That’s why we are committed to making reliable hearing implants so you or your loved one can enjoy life’s most satisfying sounds.

Reliable Hearing Implants for Everyday Hearing

Choosing a hearing implant is a long-term decision. Reliable hearing implants can help you hear the sounds of life that bring you joy day after day. MED-EL implants are designed to meet the highest quality, safety, and reliability standards on the market.

A reliable hearing implant for everyday life

Reliable Audio Processors for Your Everyday Life

You need an audio processor to hear with your implant. We build our audio processors so they can deal with everyday mishaps, such as accidental drops or getting wet. That way you can experience life without worries.

Robust and reliable audio processors

Reliable Hearing by Design

The outstanding reliability of our hearing implants is not by chance. We develop our life-changing hearing implants with a broad 360-degree view of what is needed to make them as safe and reliable as possible.

For over 30 years, our hearing implants have been made with focused oversight and expert craftsmanship in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Other companies outsource manufacturing overseas. But every single MED-EL implant is made in Austria at our global headquarters. This way we can always maintain the highest standards of European quality and engineering.

360° Safety and

What Makes Every MED-EL Hearing Implant Reliable?

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Our cochlear implants

Our Cochlear Implants

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Our bone conduction implants

Our Bone Conduction Implants

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