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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about the RONDO Audio Processor? Take a look below for answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

The RONDO Single-Unit Processor is an all-in-one audio processor that combines the coil, battery pack, magnet, and control unit of an audio processor into a compact single-unit. RONDO is worn entirely off the ear, making it discreet and comfortable, especially for recipients who wear glasses.

RONDO is suitable for cochlear implant users of any age. It is compatible with all MED-EL multichannel cochlear implants from the last 20+ years, including SYNCHRONY 2, SYNCHRONY, MED-EL CONCERT, CONCERTO, SONATA, PULSAR, C40+, and C40.

RONDO is held in place over your implant using magnetic attraction. It is available with five different magnet strengths that range from soft to super-strong, so that magnet strength can be adjusted for individual needs. There are also several fixation accessories available, for added security when wearing RONDO.

Settings for RONDO can be easily changed with the FineTuner remote. RONDO also features Automatic Sound Management, which automatically adjusts volume levels for you.

Yes, RONDO can easily connect to your phone using a Bluetooth neckloop. The same neckloop can also be used to connect to tablets, TVs, and other devices.

RONDO's integrated telecoil makes it simple to connect to hearing loops in public spaces such as theatres or airports. Connectivity to audio devices with a direct audio input cable via the Mini Battery Pack is also possible.

RONDO provides up to 5 days, or about 75 hours, of battery life, from three size 675 zinc-air batteries.

The RONDO Single-Unit Audio Processor measures 44.1 mm x 37.2 mm wide and is 12.1 mm thick. RONDO only weighs 17.5 grams, including the standard magnet and three zinc-air batteries.

RONDO is available in four different colours: Nordic Grey, Crème, Anthracite, and Ebony. These are designed to blend in with most hair colours. You can also use skins to personalise your RONDO. 

Clean RONDO with a soft, damp cloth. Store your audio processor in the included drying kit every night to help to ensure that any moisture is removed.

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