Make your audio processor your own. With design skins, you can customize your processor to match your unique style.

A New Look

SONNET with Design Skins

Skins are specially-designed stickers which can be stuck directly onto your audio processor. From your favorite sports to cute designs for children, there are tons of skins to choose from and a look to suit every style. For SONNET series, RONDO, or OPUS  2 audio processors, you can even upload your own design to create a personalized skin.

And if you want to try a new look? Simply remove the old skin, and restyle your processor with a new one!

Design Skins for Audio Processors
Dein Design

Skins for MED-EL products are available from DeinDesign.


 How to Apply Skins

Our handy guide contains more information on attaching skins.

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