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ADHEAR is a revolutionary non-surgical bone conduction system.

The system is placed on the skin behind the ear. The audio processor generates vibrations and transmits them onto the skull bone. The bone conducts the vibrations to the inner ear where consequently a hearing impression is created.

ADHEAR is the only non-surgical bone conduction system which does not need to apply pressure to transmit the vibrations onto the skull. All other devices of its kind need a lot of pressure which reduces wearing comfort and consequently also wearing time. ADHEAR, on the other hand, is very light and comfortable to wear.

Simply insert a battery and close the battery compartment to switch the audio processor on.

To switch the audio processor off, open the battery compartment and/or remove the battery. Open the battery compartment whenever the audio processor is not in use to extend battery life.

ADHEAR has 4 programs. Program 1 is optimized for conversations in noisy situations. Choose program 2 for chats in quiet surroundings. In Program 3 you can connect external devices and hear sound from both the device and your surroundings. In Program 4 the microphones are muted. You can use this program either to put the system in standby mode or to connect an external device and only hear sounds from that device and not from your surroundings.

Push the program button to change between the programs. Every program change is indicated by a beep. So if you change to program 2, you will hear 2 beeps, program 3—3 beeps etc.

There is a volume control wheel on the side of the audio processor.

Scrolling away from the head increases the volume. Scrolling towards the head decreases the volume. Changes of volume are indicated by a beep.

ADHEAR comes in three different colors: Dove Silver, Terra Brown and Simply Black.

Change the look of ADHEAR using the sleeves (available in blue, pink and black) or one of the numerous design stickers. Check out all the available designs here.

ADHEAR has a direct audio input and can be connected to smartphones, telecoils, headsets etc. with a cable.

ADHEAR runs with only 1 size 13 zinc-air battery. It usually lasts 1 to 2 weeks.

ADHEAR uses dual microphones to give you microphone directionality. With two microphones, ADHEAR can focus in on the sounds in front of you, and drown out background noise. This makes it easier to hear the most important sounds around you, especially in noisy environments.

ADHEAR is a solution for people of any age suffering from conductive hearing loss and single-sided deafness. Read more about the indications for ADHEAR here.

Clean the outside of the housing with soft baby wipes. The coupling plate should be cleaned weekly with the cleaning brush to remove dirt from inside the circular coupling plate groove. The gap between the housing and the coupling plate should also be cleaned with the cleaning brush.

Like a hearing aid, ADHEAR is a non-surgical hearing device. However, the technology used is very different. Traditional hearing aids amplify sound, whereas ADHEAR uses bone conduction to send sound to the inner ear. This is the same principle used in bone conduction hearing aids and bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHAs).

ADHEAR is a non-surgical device that uses bone conduction to help users hear. It is for users with conductive hearing loss. A cochlear implant, however, is surgically implanted and uses electrical signals to stimulate the cochlea. It is suitable for people with severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss.

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