Audio Processor & Adhesive Adapter

Basic Care and Maintenance

Follow these basic yet important care instructions to maintain your ADHEAR system.

The housing may be cleaned on the outside with soft baby wipes. Do not clean the housing in or under water, to prevent water from entering the audio processor. The coupling plate should be cleaned weekly with the cleaning brush provided to remove dirt from inside the circular coupling plate groove. The gap between the housing and the coupling plate should also be cleaned with the cleaning brush.

When not in use, the device should be kept in the case provided. You can remove the battery from the audio processor to extend battery life. You should always remove the battery if you do not use the audio processor for a longer period of time to avoid battery leakage and possible damage to the audio processor.
Store the adhesive adapters in a dry place at room temperature.

If you live in a humid climate or perspire heavily, the audio processor should be placed in a drying container (sold separately) instead of in the case when it is not being worn.


Refer to your user manual for more information.