OPUS 2 Audio Processor

Introducing OPUS 2—the audio processor made for everyday. It’s so light you’ll barely feel it, and so thin you’ll barely notice it. OPUS 2 comes with multiple wearing options, so can be easily customised to suit you and your lifestyle.

OPUS 2 Audio Processor
OPUS 2 Audio Processor

A Processor for Everyday

OPUS 2 combines great sound quality with sleek style and an adaptable design. Discover how OPUS 2 fits into your day-to-day life.

  • Superior sound quality
  • Compact size
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Multiple wearing options

Hear the Difference

Any audio processor can give you sound. We want to give you more—that’s why our audio processors are powered by Triformance technology.

With a more natural sound quality that no other cochlear implant system can match, you can enjoy richer music and more natural speech. You’re choosing to hear, so why not choose to hear your best?

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OPUS 2 Audio Processors

Adapting to You

Let your audio processor do the hard work. Using Automatic Sound Management technology, OPUS 2 automatically controls volume levels for you. With ASM, you can stop fiddling with programme settings, and simply join the conversation.

Smartphone connectivity with OPUS 2

Go Wireless

In a restaurant, on the phone, or at the airport—sometimes it’s hard to follow the conversation. To help with this, OPUS 2 wirelessly connects to a range of devices, giving your hearing a boost when you most need it. From wireless microphones to simple telecoils, OPUS 2 offers plenty of ways to connect.

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OPUS 2 Battery Power
OPUS 2 Audio Processor battery options

Power it Your Way

OPUS 2’s modular design gives you the flexibility to choose the right battery pack for your needs. Whether you’re looking for extensive battery life, or an efficient rechargeable system, OPUS 2 delivers long-lasting power and uninterrupted listening.

Make a Splash

Catching a wave in the ocean, relaxing by the pool or simply splashing around in the tub—with WaterWear you can enjoy the water without a worry. The reusable WaterWear covers fit snugly over OPUS 2, giving full protection against water of any kind and ensuring fantastic hearing wherever you are.

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OPUS 2 for Children

For Kids

Kids love to be active, and an audio processor should not get in the way of your child’s adventures. We’ve designed some great wearing options especially for children, to keep OPUS 2 safe and secure no matter what its wearer gets up to!


Add Some Colour

Go for the natural look or make a bold fashion statement with a simple snap of the cover. From neutral hair shades to vibrant tones, OPUS 2’s various components are available in up to 13 different colours, meaning you can customise it to suit your style.

OPUS 2 Colour Options
  • Anthracite
  • Nordic Grey
  • Sienna Brown
  • Ebony
  • Bordeaux Red
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Pacific Blue
  • Baby Blue
  • Baby Pink
  • Beige
  • Creme
  • White
OPUS 2 Design Skins


With customisable adhesive skins from DesignSkins, your processor can look exactly how you’d like. Choose from thousands of colourful designs or upload your own.

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SYNCHRONY 2 Cochlear Implant

Great sound quality is only possible with a great implant. With SYNCHRONY 2 you can benefit from the latest cochlear implant technology and our MRI Guarantee.

But the biggest advantage of SYNCHRONY 2 lies in its super soft electrodes. Find out about MED-EL's electrodes, and how they help you make the most of your hearing.

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See why more than 200,000 recipients rely on MED‑EL for their hearing solutions.

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Find all the information you'll need to care for your OPUS 2.

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Technical Data

Width: 36.5mm
Length: 48.0mm
OPUS 2 size
Width: 8.7mm
OPUS 2 size

Audio Processor

Weight and Dimensions

  • 9.4 g (OPUS 2XS including batteries)
  • 10.1 g (OPUS 2 with DaCapo
    rechargeable battery system)
  • 12.4 g (OPUS 2 with Standard Battery
    Pack and batteries)

Compatible Hardware/Software
PULSAR, C40+, C40 implants

  • MAX Programming Interface
  • MAESTRO System Software
  • FineTuner Remote Control

Sound Coding Strategies
Available strategies via MAESTRO System

  • FS4 (Fine Structure Processing upto 1 kHz on four apical channels)
  • FS4-p (Fine Structure Processing up to 1 kHz on four apical channels with Intelligent Parallel Stimulation for even higher temporal accuracy)
  • FSP (Fine Structure Processing typically up to 350 Hz on two apical channels)
  • HD-CIS (High Definition CIS)

Integrated telecoil

  • Direct connection with FM battery cover (standardised Euro-Audio 3-pin connection)

Battery Life

  • Up to 60 hours with a set of two zinc-air batteries (OPUS 2XS)
  • Up to 90 hours with a set of three zinc-air batteries (OPUS 2 with Standard Battery Pack, BabyBTE/ActiveWear, or Childrens Battery Pack)
  • Up to 16 hours with DaCapo rechargeable battery
  • Up to 37 hours with Mini Battery Pack and AAA battery

Colour Options
13 colour options available

Product Features

  • Thinnest audio processor
  • Waterproof with WaterWear accessory (Standard Battery Pack or DaCapo only)
  • Automatic Volume Control with Dual-Loop AGC
  • Input Dynamic Range (IDR) of 78 dB (28dB - 106dB SPL)
  • Multiple modular wearing options available for pediatric and adult recipients
  • Four program positions
  • Switch-free design
  • Easy-to-use FineTuner remote control
  • Continuous volume and sensitivity control
  • Supports 250 spectral bands

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