Giving Back

Our mission at MED-EL has always been to improve the quality of life for people all across the world. Our hearing implants have changed the lives of many people, but hearing loss is only one challenge people face. To help address these broader needs we support humanitarian charities and work closely with Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), businesses, and healthcare providers across the globe.

MED-EL charity outreach


Working together with international charities, we’re committed to making a difference in the lives of people all across the world. Our charitable partners focus their efforts across a diverse range of initiatives, including promoting overall wellness and human dignity, improved access to education and healthcare, the well-being of children, and addressing environmental issues.

If you want to find out more about our charities, and give your support, simply click on their logos.


SOS Children's Villages

Giving Back

Improving Access to Hearing Care

Alongside our important partners we also work hard to help improve access to hearing care. This includes promoting the benefits of programs such as new-born hearing screening and screening for older adults, specialist audiology education, bilateral cochlear implantation, or advocating for national hearing care strategies with Governments and healthcare providers.

We’re proud to partner with international organisations including the HEARRING group, Hearing Health Forum EU, EURO CI, and many more.