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MED-EL Global MRI Guarantee

MED-EL’s multichannel cochlear and brainstem implants, the BONEBRIDGE implants and the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE VORP 503 implant are covered in addition to the mandatory local statutory guarantee by a MED-EL lifetime global guarantee against

  • Implant damage,
  • Implant magnet dislocation,
  • Implant magnet demagnetization,
  • implant damage due to magnet removal as performed according to Instructions for use/Manual for Medical Procedures for MED-EL CI/ABI Systems

as an unlikely consequence of an MRI scan.

As sole and exclusive remedy in case of a guarantee claim, MED-EL will provide either a new MED-EL implant or a magnet, free of charge and according to medical indication. This is subject to the prerequisite that the implant failure or the implant magnet demagnetization was caused by an MRI scan and the usage of a stronger magnet in the audio processor as first approach has proven inefficient to resolve the demagnetization issue.

The extended guarantee is void if the MRI has not been conducted according to the specifications and instructions provided in approved labeling, including the respective Instructions for use/Manual for Medical Procedures for MED-EL CI/ABI Systems; if recommended surgical techniques have not been followed; if damage to the implant has been caused by gross negligence, willful misconduct, physical, electrical or magnetical misuse.

Any explanted implants or magnets must be returned to MED-EL for inspection. Explanted devices and magnets become property of MED-EL and must be returned within five (5) business days of explantation to avoid invoicing of the replacement implant or magnet.

Guarantee claims under this global guarantee extension can be raised via a clinic or directly with any local MED-EL office or MED-EL distributor, if applicable.

This global guarantee extension is effective as of January 27, 2021 for all MED-EL implants mentioned herein (including those already implanted); however, it does not cover MRI scans that were conducted prior to the effective date of this global guarantee extension.