Suite of Rehabilitation Apps

We provide many rehabilitation resources, including the Common Objects Token Test (COT-Test), the Auditory Skills Checklist, and Hear Today. Which app you choose will be based on the individual rehabilitation needs of the hearing implant recipient. If you are a clinical professional, you might find all of these apps helpful.
The Common Objects Token Test (COT-Test) and the Auditory Skills Checklist apps are used for paediatric assessment. Our Hear Today app is an individualised, easy-to-use guide designed to support the hearing development of adult hearing implant recipients.

Common Object Token Test

The Common Objects Token (COT) Test is a complex closed set sentence test designed to adequately describe the auditory speech perception and auditory memory skills of children with a hearing loss. The test aims to assess children at a level between basic closed set tasks and open set tasks. The COT test includes two different test levels - a ‘quick’ test composed of 3 subtests and a full-length version composed of 6 subtests.

Auditory Skills Checklist

The Auditory Skills Checklist is a measure to assist in tracking the progress of a child’s auditory development and in setting goals. The checklist uses multiple choice questions to determine if a child has responded using auditory cues to auditory information presented to them. It is easy to use and particularly helpful in monitoring the development of a child’s skills over time.

Hear Today

Hear Today is a resource developed for young people and adults with hearing loss who have received a hearing implant. It provides useful information on how to start the rehabilitation process, with practical activities to develop listening skills in real life situations. The included status questionnaire is based on twelve common daily life goals, and helps to evaluate the recipient’s current ability, determining a starting point for rehabilitation activities.

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