Candidacy for
Middle Ear Implants

Unlike hearing aids that make sounds louder, a middle ear implant takes sound and converts it into mechanical vibrations. This mechanical energy is used to directly stimulate middle ear structures for exceptional high frequency sound perception. The ear canal remains completely open. Middle ear implants are a proven alternative to hearing aids.

Implanted since 1996, the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE middle ear implant system from MED-EL is the most successful middle ear implant on the market today. The SOUNDBRIDGE has been helping thousands of people around the world to improve their hearing for near to 20 years. The system features the new SAMBA audio processor.

Who Can Benefit from a Middle Ear Implant?

A middle ear implant like the SOUNDBRIDGE is an alternative to conventional hearing devices. It is designed for individuals who cannot use hearing aids or who ar not satisfied with them and do not achieve sufficient benefit with other hearing devices. The SOUNDBRIDGE has been approved for patients who have been diagnosed with mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss or conductive or mixed hearing loss.

The SOUNDBRIDGE is the only middle ear implant that is attached only to the structure of the middle ear which it is stimulating. This makes the SOUNDBRIDGE independent of skull growth and therefore suitable for implantation in children at the age of 5 or older.

Candidacy Criteria VIBRANT Soundbridge
**The Vibrant Soundbridge is approved for the treatment of conductive and mixed hearing losses as well as for implantation in children in Europe and in other countries accepting the CE mark.

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