RONDO Audio Processor

As the first all-in-one cochlear implant audio processor, RONDO set a new benchmark in design. All the parts, including the microphone, battery, and coil, are integrated into one compact unit, making RONDO comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. What’s more, you can go for up to five days before needing to change the batteries.

RONDO Audio Processor

Reliable Simplicity

RONDO combines great sound quality and easy usability in one compact device. This makes RONDO comfortable to wear, particularly if you use glasses, and easy to hide under your hair.

  • Great sound quality
  • All-in-one design
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Easy to use

Hear the Difference

Any audio processor can give you sound. We want to give you more—that’s why our audio processors are powered by Triformance technology.

With a more natural sound quality that no other cochlear implant system can match, you can enjoy richer music and more natural speech. You’re choosing to hear, so why not choose to hear your best?

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RONDO Automatic Sound Management

Adapting to You

Never miss out on the sounds around you. RONDO uses Automatic Sound Management technology to adapt to the sound levels in your environment. The result? Less time spent switching settings and more time spent focusing on the sounds you love.

RONDO Connectivity
RONDO Smartphone Connectivity

Stay Connected

Keep connected to the sounds in your environment. Whether watching TV on your tablet or chatting on the phone, there are many ways to connect your RONDO so that you don’t miss a moment. In public venues, you can also connect to hearing loops or use wireless microphones to focus on the most important sounds.

RONDO Batteries
RONDO Battery Pack

Long-Lasting Power

Experience great sound for up to 75 hours at a time. RONDO’s extensive battery life gives you days of uninterrupted hearing, meaning you can focus on your hearing, not your batteries.

Want flexible power options? RONDO’s Mini Battery Pack is a compact external device, which lets you power your processor with regular AAA batteries, or a rechargeable DaCapo PowerPack.

RONDO WaterWear

Make a Splash

Enjoy your favourite sounds—even in the water! RONDO’s reusable WaterWear covers are simple to attach and keep your processor safe and dry in any kind of water. So whether you’re on a tropical beach or just relaxing in the bath, you can make the most of your hearing.

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RONDO Colours
RONDO Discreet Design

Blend In

Make your hearing stand out, not your audio processor. RONDO has a streamlined, discreet design, which can be easily hidden under hair. Available in four natural shades, there is a colour to complement every hair tone and help your RONDO blend in.

  • Nordic Grey
  • Anthracite
  • Ebony
  • Creme
Rondo Skins
RONDO Design Skins

Wear it Your Way

With customisable adhesive skins from DesignSkins, you can customise your RONDO to suit your style. Choose from thousands of colourful designs, or upload your own for a truly unique look.

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SYNCHRONY 2 Cochlear Implant

Great sound quality is only possible with a great implant. With SYNCHRONY 2 you can benefit from the latest cochlear implant technology and our MRI Guarantee.

But the biggest advantage of SYNCHRONY 2 lies in its super soft electrodes. Find out about MED-EL's electrodes, and how they help you make the most of your hearing.

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Technical Data

Width: 37.2mm
Length: 44.1mm
RONDO Audio Processor Size
Depth: 12.1mm
RONDO Audio Processor Size

Single-Unit Audio Processor

Compatible Hardware/Software

  • MAX Programming Interface
  • MAESTRO System Software
  • Mini Battery Pack
  • FineTuner Remote Control

Sound Coding Strategies
Available strategies via MAESTRO Sytem Software 7.0:

  • FS4 (Fine Structure Processing up to 1 kHz on four apical channels)
  • FS4-p (Fine Structure Processing up to 1 kHz on four apical channels with Intelligent Parallel Stimulation for even higher temporal accuracy)
  • FSP (Fine Structure Processing typically up to 350 Hz on two apical channels)
  • HD-CIS (High Definition CIS)

Direct connectivity to Bluetooth neckloops and other telecoil systems. Connectivity to wireless systems, FM systems and direct audio input cables possible via the Mini Battery Pack.

WaterWear for RONDO

Waterproof Accessory

  • Nine uses per package
  • Three WaterWear covers per package. Each cover is reusable up to three times
  • Nine adhesive strips per package. Each strip can only be used once
  • Rated IP68
  • Waterproof up to four metres for two hours
  • Can be used in salt, fresh, and chlorinated water
  • Only to be used with non-breathable batteries such as silver-oxide or alkaline

Available in Anthracite, Nordic Grey, Creme, and Ebony.

Battery Life
Up to five days of use with a set of three high-power zinc-air batteries (type 675).

Magnet Strength
Available with five different magnet strengths.

17.5g (including magnet and batteries).

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