Conductive Hearing Loss

Do you have conductive hearing loss, but have never found the right solution? Conductive hearing loss can have many causes and Jay’s fictional story below describes one of these. If you have experienced similar difficulties with conductive hearing loss, a bone conduction implant could be the right solution for you.


About Jay

40-year-old Jay has had conductive hearing loss for most of his life, but struggled to find the right hearing solution for him. This type of hearing loss affects many people and can be treated effectively with a bone conduction implant.

Jay’s Story

My hearing loss story goes back a long way. When I was eight years old, I got an ear condition known as “glue ear”—I had fluid behind my eardrums that made it difficult to hear properly. The doctor said it was a very common in children, and my parents weren’t that worried to start with. But over time, the glue ear changed the shape of my ear drums, and I began to find it difficult to hear properly. My teacher noticed that I wasn't concentrating as much at school, and my parents had to repeatedly tell me to turn down the TV.

Growing up with Hearing Aids

I was taken to an ENT doctor, who diagnosed me with conductive hearing loss and said I should wear hearing aids. While the hearing aids helped me to hear a bit better, they were heavy and uncomfortable, and I tried to take them off whenever I could.

The other kids at my primary school had generally been kind about these strange things on my ears, but my classmates at high school were less sympathetic. I experienced a lot of negativity and hurtful comments, and it really knocked my confidence. Consequently as I got older, I wore my hearing aids less and less.

While the hearing aids helped me to hear a bit better, they were heavy and uncomfortable, and I tried to take them off whenever I could.

Getting By

Once I left home, I made the decision to stop wearing hearing aids altogether. Yes, they helped me to hear a little better, but that just didn’t seem to outweigh the negatives. Without hearing aids some situations became harder—I avoided going out to busy restaurants and would send text messages instead of making phone calls. Thankfully, my job in a science lab did not involve lots of face-to-face communication, and my colleagues were very patient and understanding when we did have meetings. It wasn’t perfect, but somehow I got by.

A New Solution

But then two things happened. Firstly I got offered a promotion at work—a management position that would be really great for my career, but would require a lot more communication with my colleagues. At the same time, my girlfriend read about a new kind of hearing solution called a bone conduction implant. It was a high-tech device that would sit under the skin behind my ear, with a small audio processor on the outside which I could easily hide under my hair.

I visited my ENT doctor for the first time in years, and she confirmed it would be a good option for me. She explained how the BONEBRIDGE implant would bypass my eardrum, but still enable me to hear quite naturally. This would make it easier to talk to people, particularly in groups—something I would definitely need for the new job. After talking to my family, I decided it was time to put my hearing loss past behind me, and give BONEBRIDGE a go.

After talking to my family, I decided it was time to put my hearing loss past behind me, and give BONEBRIDGE a go.

A Return to Sound

The surgery went well, and I was both nervous and excited for the activation. Would I be able to hear as well as I hoped? As soon as the audiologist switched on my BONEBRIDGE, I knew the answer was yes. Everything was so clear and voices were so bright. I hadn’t heard this well since being a child—it was overwhelming how beautiful the world sounded.

And, of course, I’m pleased to say I got the job! That was several years ago now, and my career has only got better since. After so many years of simply "getting by", the confidence that BONEBRIDGE has given me is an unbeatable feeling, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Why Jay Chose MED-EL


After experiencing negative comments about his hearing aids, Jay was looking for a discreet solution. The SAMBA 2 Audio Processor’s compact design is thin and light to wear, and it blends in discreetly with Jay’s hair.

Speech in Noise

Getting an implant was a big decision, so Jay wanted the best sound quality possible. With its dual microphones, SAMBA 2 focuses on the conversation and not the background noise. This makes it easier for Jay to hear, especially in the noisy environments he previously avoided.

MRI Safety*

Jay wanted to be prepared for the future, whatever it may bring. BONEBRIDGE’s specially-designed magnet means he can have standard MRIs of up to 1.5 Tesla, without any additional discomfort or hassle. And his implant is covered by our MRI guarantee.**

Latest Technology

Jay was looking for a long-term solution. His BONEBRIDGE is designed to be compatible with all future audio processors, so he will always be able to benefit from the latest hearing technology without needing to replace his implant.

Easy to Care For

After his hearing aid experience, Jay wanted a hassle-free hearing solution. With SAMBA 2, he just has to put it on each morning, and he’s good to go. And unlike many other bone conduction devices, BONEBRIDGE is fully implanted so there is no need for daily skincare routines.

These profiles are composites based on real recipients’ experiences. These profiles should not be considered as medical advice or recommendations. These hearing loss profiles are designed to help people better understand the overall hearing journey. Every individual’s hearing is different, so you should speak to your clinician to find out what is best for your needs.

* The BONEBRIDGE bone conduction implant is MR conditional. Recipients with BONEBRIDGE may be safely MRI scanned at 1.5 Tesla following the conditions detailed in the instructions for use.
** The terms and conditions of the MRI Guarantee can be found here.



The BONEBRIDGE Bone Conduction Implant can deliver optimal sound quality for individuals with conductive or mixed hearing loss. Find out about how BONEBRIDGE could help you.

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