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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about AudioStream? Take a look below for answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

AudioStream lets you stream music and phone calls directly to your SONNET series audio processor. With AudioStream you can hear from any kind of app on your device that uses audio, from Netflix to Google Maps.

Once AudioStream is configured, all you need is an active Bluetooth® connection to your device so that you can start listening to any kind of music you like.

Once AudioStream is configured and paired with your phone, you have to activate your Bluetooth connection. Afterwards, just call your friend as you normally would, and the audio will be directly streamed to your SONNET series audio processor. To talk to your friend, you can use the microphone of your smartphone.

You can use third-party apps such as Chatable, which allow users to use the smartphone itself as a remote microphone. iOS phones also offer “Live Listen”. This feature allows AudioStream users to use their iPhones as a remote microphone.

You can only watch series or online videos via your compatible mobile device. AudioStream cannot connect to TVs, but you can use AudioLink for this instead.

Yes, AudioStream is compatible for bilateral users and allows you to stream sound in stereo.

AudioStream can be used with SONNET and SONNET 2 audio processors.

You’ll need the latest version of the AudioKey 2 app to configure AudioStream with your mobile device. Follow the instructions on our support pages to configure your AudioStream. Afterwards your AudioStream should connect to your device automatically whenever Bluetooth is turned on.

Thanks to its titanium lock, AudioStream is safe for children when using the Standard Rechargeable Battery or the Battery Pack Frame (in combination with zinc-air batteries). However, the micro rechargeable battery is not suitable for young children under 3 years because the battery cannot be locked in place.

AudioStream is compatible with all battery options, except for Rechargeable Battery Max. 

AudioStream has the same water-resistance as your SONNET and SONNET 2 audio processors, meaning it’s resistant to everyday splashes and moisture.

AudioStream can be used as a Made for iPhone (MFi) Hearing Device and supports Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) technology. You can find the full list of compatible devices here.

Constant audio streaming uses more energy, so you might find that your battery drains faster when using AudioStream.

No, unfortunately WaterWear isn’t compatible with AudioStream.

Yes. Find detailed instructions on when and how to perform and update AudioStream’s firmware on our support pages.

The AudioStream covers need to be updated individually, so please check that your second device is turned off while performing the update. Please also delete/unpair/forget your AudioStream before starting the update. You can find more details about how to do this on our support pages.

We recommend checking that both your audio processor battery and mobile device battery are full before starting a firmware update. But don’t worry if your audio processor turns off while performing the update. All you would have to do is start the update again.

You can find configuration instructions on the AudioStream support page along with videos showing the steps in detail.

By sliding the AudioStream cover onto your device, it automatically starts pairing mode. It stays in pairing mode for 3 minutes or until it connects with an already-paired device.

No, AudioStream only needs to be configured once. If AudioStream was already configured, then the cover(s) can be found and connected to different compatible mobile devices.

Yes, you can reset your AudioStream by opening the AudioKey 2 app and navigating to Connectivity Options, then AudioStream, then Reset. You can choose which side you wish to reset. After a couple of seconds, AudioStream is not configured anymore. A reset may be useful if e.g. the AudioStream configuration went wrong in the first place or when its connections to different phones should be removed.

You can check our step-by-step instructions to learn how to pair and connect your AudioStream to your compatible mobile device.

Restart AudioStream by removing it and then putting it back on, or turn Bluetooth off and back on again if using an iOS device.

Yes, you could for example use AudioLink to watch TV and AudioStream to take a phone call.

AudioStream can be paired to five smartphones at the same time, but active streaming is only possible from one mobile device at a time.

Bimodal streaming is possible with certain hearing aids and smartphones. Please find a list of compatible devices on the AudioStream product page.

AudioStream and a phone can be up to 8 meters apart while streaming.

All you need is the latest AudioKey 2 app version from the app store and your compatible mobile device.

When AudioStream is attached to the audio processor and no stream is active, it does not affect the microphone directionality. But once a stream is active (e.g. a phone call coming in), it switches to omni directional mode.

No, AudioStream is only compatible with the smartphones and tablets listed on the AudioStream product page.

Our list is updated to the best of our knowledge. However, if your device supports Made for iPhone (MFi) Hearing Device or Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) technology but is not listed, it should also work with AudioStream.

This depends on how your mobile device prioritizes its Bluetooth connections. It is different for every phone manufacturer. It is better to make sure that your mobile device is only connected to AudioStream.

Yes, it is essential to use the compatible battery pack and rechargeable battery adapter to ensure your AudioStream works properly.

Yes, your AudioStream will automatically reconnect to your phone when Bluetooth is turned on.

Yes, you need to allow location permissions for AudioKey 2.

In this case, your AudioStream will not connect to your mobile device properly. If you are a bilateral user, please make sure to configure your AudioStreams as a pair.

Yes, to reset AudioStream your mobile device needs to be connected.

After a reset, you need to configure your AudioStream(s) again. You can see how to do that on our support pages.

Please switch your AudioStream off and on again and bring it closer to the mobile device.

If this doesn’t work, it might mean that AudioStream is connected to another phone. Turn off Bluetooth on all devices except for one that you are trying to connect.

If you have problems while configuring AudioStream with AudioKey 2 on a Google Pixel phone, make sure that the name you created during configuration has a maximum of two characters. You can also reach out to a hearing professional at MED-EL for a one-on-one appointment to address your specific situation.

Please refer to the AudioStream User Manual for more detailed troubleshooting information. 

Head to our main FAQs page for more information about all our hearing solutions. 

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