SAMBA 2 Audio Processor

Life can be complicated, but your hearing doesn’t need to be. SAMBA 2 is designed to make your hearing experience as easy as possible.


Effortless Hearing

It’s not always easy to hear your best. Busy restaurants, chatting in the car, or enjoying concerts can all be a challenge.

But SAMBA 2 has you covered. SAMBA 2 detects what kind of hearing environment you’re in and automatically changes settings to make it easier for you to hear. What’s more, its advanced noise reduction and speech tracking make sure you’re hearing your best at all times.


Intelligent Sound Adapter 2.0

Automatically adjusts settings to match your environment and learns which settings you most often change manually.

Noise Reduction

Reduces everyday noises, like traffic or wind, and minimizes distracting background conversation.

Speech Tracking

Focuses in on the person talking, no matter if they’re in front of you or sitting next to you in the car.



of battery life

Everyday Convenience

SAMBA 2 offers a range of easy-to-use accessories that help keep SAMBA 2 in place and provide additional security during sports and other activities.

SAMBA 2 boasts the longest lasting battery life of any active transcutaneous audio processor on the market. With approximately 8-10 days on one standard 675 battery, SAMBA 2 offers affordable power you can rely on!

Simple Settings

Simple Settings

The SAMBA 2 Remote App, available for iPhone and Android, allows you to discreetly switch between simple audio processor settings that have already been defined by your audiologist, such as volume and program. Enjoy extra convenience on the go.

The SAMBA 2 Remote app can be downloaded separately from your app store.


Easy Streaming

Connect SAMBA 2 to your phone with SAMBA 2 GO. This assistive listening device can be used to stream sound from your mobile phone, TV, tablet, and many other devices. It brings the sound from your audio device straight to your ears and enables you to make hands-free calls.

  • Make hands-free calls
  • Listen to music
  • Use remote microphones and FM systems

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Ultimate Comfort

SAMBA 2 is designed to be so comfortable, you might even forget you’re wearing it. Weighing in at just 9.3 g,* it is one of the lightest audio processors available on the market.

Not only is SAMBA 2 light, it is also thin. This slim profile means that SAMBA 2 does not stick out awkwardly from your head.

*SAMBA 2 weighs 9.3g including battery and magnet (strength 1)


Blend In or Stand Out

If you’re someone who likes to keep your audio processor discreet, then the SAMBA 2 covers in basic hair colors are ideal. SAMBA 2 can be easily hidden under hair. Or, if you like to wear your audio processor loud and proud, there are plenty of fun colors, patterns, and animal prints.

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SAMBA 2 Kids Imagination

For Kids

The SAMBA 2 Audio Processor was designed for seamless listening and ease of use. The new Kids Sets balance fun with convenience, and include a range of useful accessories for the SAMBA 2 recipient: playful Design Covers, a tamperproof sleeve, WaterWear and attachment clips. There’s even a nightstand for keeping SAMBA 2 safe overnight or when not in use.


Make a Splash

With SAMBA 2, it’s okay to get caught out in the rain. SAMBA 2’s built-in water resistance means that it stays protected from everyday splashes, sweat, and moisture.

But if you’re planning on really diving into the water, be sure to keep your SAMBA 2 safe and dry with WaterWear. These reusable waterproof covers are easy to attach and can be used in any type of water, including salty seawater or chlorinated swimming pools.

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Upgrade to SAMBA 2
SAMBA 2 Components

Upgrade to SAMBA 2

Are you a BONEBRIDGE recipient interested in upgrading your SAMBA?

SAMBA 2 features technology that automatically adapts to your environment and learns how you want to hear. And with SAMBA 2 GO, you can stream sound from your BluetoothTM-enabled mobile phone, TV, or tablet! Click below and we'll walk you through each step of the upgrade process.

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Technical Data

Width: 30.4mm
Length: 36.4mm
Height: 10.2mm