With health care constantly changing, it pays to have a little help. Our region-specific Reimbursement Specialists are always available to assist hearing device recipients in obtaining the maximum coverage allowed by each individual’s health.

Our Services

MED-EL Insurance Support provides assistance with reimbursement for hearing devices and equipment.  We submit pre-authorizations on your behalf and can walk you through the complex process of Insurance.  We submit claims on your behalf, billing and can even help you structure a payment plan that fits your financial needs.


Our insurance representatives are standing by to help you navigate through our 3-step insurance process. Which step are you at? 


Step 1: Submit Paperwork

In order for MED-EL to file your reimbursement with your insurance company, we need the the US Intake Form completed. Please print, complete, and submit the form back to MED-EL via fax or email.

US Intake Form - English and Spanish


Fax: 1-919-314-3009



MED-EL Corporation

Attn: Reimbursement Department

2645 Meridian Pkwy, Suite 100

Durham, NC 27713


Step 2: Contact Customer Service

Once you have submitted your US Intake Form, please reach out to MED-EL's customer service team in order to place your order. 


Phone: 1-919-572-222

Toll Free: 888-MEDEL-CI




Step 3: Obtaining Authorization

Authorization could take up to 60 days or more depending on your insurance plan’s processing turn-around times. We're working on creating a portal for you to check your status. However, please contact our team who can help assist you.



Phone: 1-888-633-3524




Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, all cochlear implant parts and supplies are covered under insurance.  There are some accessories that are sometimes deemed not medically necessary that insurance will not reimburse for.

Prior authorization is required by some insurance to confirm medical necessity for a given product or procedure. When required, MED-EL will contact your physician and obtain documents that support medical necessity. These documents are then submitted to your insurance company for review and approval. This process may take up to 30 days to complete, as it requires signatures from your physician and approval from your insurance company. If for some reason the request is denied, MED-EL will submit an appeal on your behalf.

We are actively working with commercial insurance companies to establish contract agreements.  Until we have these agreements, MED-EL is an out-of-network provider.  This means we work with your insurance company to obtain in-network benefits when we have no agreed-upon contract.  We are also the sole provider of replacement parts, which enables us to secure these in-network benefits for you.

Medicare recipients can purchase disposable batteries from any retailer or through our preferred vendor, Micropower Battery Company. For instructions on Medicare filing claims or to download the claim forms, visit

To discuss other power options, contact your dedicated MED-EL customer service representative or use our contact form here.
Medicaid recipients can purchase disposable batteries from any retailer or through our preferred vendor, Micropower Battery Company, by visiting

Each Medicaid program functions uniquely. Please visit your state’s website or contact your Medicaid social worker for additional information about reimbursement for out-of-pocket costs.