Rehabilitation is a vital part of learning to hear with your hearing device. Find out how MED‑EL can support you in getting the most out of your new hearing.

Mellie Coloring Book Challenge 

This wordless coloring book mirrors the Mellie and Her Cochlear Implants storybook. This is a wonderful resource for helping young recipients engage with their cochlear implants.


Download Mellie's Coloring Book and show off your design on our Facebook page and use the hashtag #myMEDEL!

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Mellie and Her Cochlear Implants (Coloring Book)

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MED-EL Pediatric Rehabilitation

Steps Towards Success

After receiving a cochlear implant, rehabilitation is key to getting the most out of your MED-EL hearing device. Rehabilitation is the process of actively learning to hear and is important for both children and adults after implantation. Routinely practicing hearing skills can help provide faster and better improvement in hearing abilities.

“The most important step to hearing is rehabilitation.”

Made for You

We offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Our materials are specifically designed for each stage of the hearing journey and offer practical tips you can use at home, work, or school. The MED-EL BRIDGE rehabilitation program provides resources to to help you improve your communication skills.

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Annie Rodriquez



Sally Tannenbaum

M.Ed. LSLS Cert. AVT


Consumer Engagement Managers

MED-EL has hearing professionals all over the United States who can help navigate you through your appointments, surgery, rehabilitation, and anything in between. They have relationships with clinics and hospitals and even drop in from time to time to make sure that both staff and our users are educated on how to best utilize their MED-EL hearing device. Some are even bilingual to assist our Spanish-speaking users. Check out our events or reach out to one of our Consumer Engagement Managers by clicking the button below! 


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HearPeers is the best resource you have as a MED-EL hearing device user or caregiver. Run by users themselves, our HearPeers can help answer questions, give you tips, and truly relate to what you're going through. While our Consumer Engagement Managers drop in on appointments and at clinics, HearPeers will meet you for coffee, a walk, or even a fun night out!


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MED-EL Rehabilitation With Father and Daughter
MED-EL BRIDGE Store Product Open And Closed Set Task Kit




BRIDGE To Better Communication

MED‑EL’s BRIDGE rehabilitation program offers more support materials than any other hearing device company. Developed with leading rehabilitation specialists, this program consists of a wide variety of materials and information to meet the needs of adults, teens and children as well as their parents, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and teachers.


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MED-EL Rehabilitation with Mother and Son


The MED-EL Blog is full of rehab Tips & Tricks to try with your child or to improve your own listening skills. You’ll find lots of ideas, all created by our dedicated team of rehabilitation specialists. Be sure to also check out our Rehab At Home video series, showing you different activities you can do at home with your child.


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MED-EL Professionals Blog

The MED-EL Professionals Blog isn't just for professionals! MED-EL created 25 Themed Lesson Kits to help your child in their rehabilitation. The downloadable PDFs are jammed pack full of goals and activities. From cut-outs to help identify everyday objects, animals, and people to memorization games to identifying and mimicking melodies, your child will love these exercises. 


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Tips & Tricks

Rehab At Home