As you begin to approach life with renewed confidence about managing conversations and overcoming difficult listening situations, it's helpful to have a 'toolkit' of hearing tactics.

These tactics include listening exercises, knowledge of available assistive technologies, informational materials, words of advice, and other tips and tricks that can help you stay strong in your hearing journey.

Enjoying Music
This section provides information about expectations in music enjoyment, practice tips, and music listening exercises.
Telephone Tips
This section provides some telephone listening exercises, information on how to use telecoil with your phone, and explains important features when purchasing a phone.
Maximize Listening and Communication
Getting the most out of every possible listening situation is important to anyone with a hearing loss - here are some tips to consider...
Using Assistive Listening Devices
ALDs are designed to bring sound closer to the listener in various environments. Learn more about the different options available and how to maximize your success with ALDs...
Real World Stories
An inspiring collection of video testimonials from MED-EL recipients from the USA and around the world.
The on-line cochlear implant community that puts you in touch with all kinds of people who have taken the CI journey. Begin your search today!
Troubleshooting Guide
Troubleshoot your audio processor with this new online guide.
Download Central
Download print and (re)habilitation materials, images and videos.
Resources for Success
The BRIDGE program consists of a wide variety of products, resources and online materials for adult and pediatric habilitation, assessment, and device management.
A collection of online games and listening activities designed to help you test and hone your listening skills.
Find information and materials regarding cochlear implant insurance coverage.


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