Meet with MED-EL

Whether you've just been diagnosed with hearing loss or you've had your MED-EL device for over 30 years, we've got events for every stage of your hearing journey. Scroll down to see which events may be right for you. 

US Events
MED-EL Monday

MED-EL Mondays

Our MED-EL Mondays are for those who have just chosen a MED-EL device and want to learn more about our products—either right before or right after activation. Each group session helps you become more confident in handling and using your device to the best of your ability. We'll even provide ample resources for rehabilitation activities so you can start to hear your best as soon as possible!


MED-EL Monday

1:1 Appointments

1-on-1 appointments are there for you when you need a bit more help. Our experienced audiologists can dive into your specific equipment and help you with any troubleshooting you may need.