Audio Processor & Adhesive Adapter

Changing the Program

ADHEAR changing the Program

Press the program button to change the program. The audio processor always starts up in program 1 when it is switched on.

Preset programs

program 1
This is the program for most environments. The directional microphones will focus in on the person talking, minimizing background noise. This makes it ideal for talking in noisy environments, such as in restaurants or cafes. In quiet environments, the microphones will automatically switch to omni-directional mode. When you switch ADHEAR on, it will be in program 1.

program 2

The microphone picks up sound from all directions (omni-directional), without focusing in on the person talking. Feedback cancellation and noise reduction are still enabled, giving you clearer sound quality. This program can be used for quiet environments, or for musical events like concerts.

program 3

The program should be used if you have an external device, such as phone, plugged into your ADHEAR, but you still want to hear some sound around you. You will hear approximately 50% input from your external device, and 50% from the ADHEAR microphones.

program 4

In program 4, you will only hear sound from a connected external device, such as a phone. No sound from the microphone is heard. If you don't have an external device connected, you can also use program 4 to mute your ADHEAR.


Refer to your user manual for more information.