Audio Processor & Adhesive Adapter

Positioning ADHEAR

Placing ADHEAR is very simple: stick the adhesive adapter behind the ear, click the audio processor onto it, and hear the world.

Applying the ADHEAR

The skin behind the ear must be clean, dry, and free from any hair. If the hairless area is not big enough for the adhesive adapter, adjust the hairline with a razor.

Clean the skin with skin-friendly alcohol or baby wipes and let it dry completely before you apply the adhesive adapter.

Applying the ADHEAR

The positioning tool can help you to correctly position the adhesive adapter.
Place the adhesive adapter in the positioning tool cavity.

ADHEAR remove protective film

Remove the protective film. Do not touch the adhesive surface.

ADHEAR positoning with positioning tool

Make sure that the application area is free from hair and move any hair away from the area.

Find the correct position where the tool is lightly touching the ear. Make sure the adhesive adapter is placed over hard bone.

ADHEAR press tool down

Press the tool down firmly.

ADHEAR remove positioning tool

Gently remove the tool by moving it straight upwards. Make sure that you do not pull against the adhesive adapter when removing the positioning tool.

ADHEAR press down

Press down firmly on the entire surface of the adhesive adapter for at least 30-60 seconds.

ADHEAR put ADHEAR processor on

Find the correct position and tilt the audio processor onto the snap connector from behind the ear, while pressing down on the adhesive adapter.

ADHEAR position processor

By pressing and rotating the audio processor, the position may be slightly adjusted. For optimal performance make sure the audio processor does not touch the outer ear.

ADHEAR disconnect processor

To disconnect the audio processor from the adhesive adapter, press the audio processor down on the side closest to the ear.

ADHEAR disconnect processor

Remove the audio processor gently and do not pull on the adhesive adapter.


Refer to your user manual for more information.