World’s First Active Bone Conduction Implant

BONEBRIDGE, the world's first active bone conduction implant system, is an effective solution for individuals 12 years and above with lasting hearing loss following a middle ear operation, malformations, or generally for conductive hearing loss and mixed hearing loss. It is also an option for individuals with single-sided deafness.

With conductive or mixed hearing loss, sound cannot take the natural path through the outer and middle ear to the inner ear. With BONEBRIDGE, the sound waves are transmitted via bone conduction directly to the inner ear, where they are processed as natural sound. BONEBRIDGE ensures optimal daily hearing performance while remaining discreet and unobtrusive.

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The BONEBRIDGE Implant System

This visually-appealing system consists of the SAMBA, an externally worn audio processor, and a surgically-inserted bone conduction implant (BCI 601) that lies directly beneath the skin. The compact audio processor can be worn discreetly beneath the hair.

The audio processor

SAMBA audio processor

  • Award winning design
  • Intelligent hearing system
  • Discreet and comfortable to wear
  • Optional wireless connectivity*

SAMBA is the latest generation of audio processor for BONEBRIDGE. SAMBA is appropriately named: it’s colorful, versatile and brings sound and joy to your life. With the interchangeable covers of the SAMBA audio processor you can choose to hide the audio processor underneath your hair or make an expressive individual statement. Along with its stunning design, SAMBA is packed with sophisticated hearing technology to support your lifestyle.

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BCI 601
The Bone Conduction Implant

BCI 601 implant

  • Intact skin — no abutment through the skin
  • Optimal sound transmission via direct stimulation
  • Extremely low complication rate

BONEBRIDGE is an innovative bone conduction implant that transmits sound waves via the cranial bone directly to the inner ear, where they are perceived as natural sound. The implant is completely invisible under the intact skin. In contrast to other bone conduction systems, this minimizes the risk of skin irritations, and the direct stimulation of the bone (direct-drive technology) achieves optimal sound transmission results.

*Wireless connectivity feature is available with the Siemens miniTek. Sivantos is not responsible for the operation with the SAMBA or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards in operation with the SAMBA.

Advantages of the BONEBRIDGE

Smart Technology

The direct-drive technology of the implant, along with its advanced signal processing, produces outstanding audiological results. The ear remains unobstructed. This makes BONEBRIDGE a solution for people with pathologies of the ear canal.

Future Ready

Like MED-EL’s cochlear implants , BONEBRIDGE’s external audio processor can be easily upgraded to a newer generation of device, even years after the original implantation.

Skin-Friendly Innovation

BONEBRIDGE is the first active bone conduction implant system that leaves the skin intact, as the implant is placed completely underneath the skin. This ensures an extremely low risk of skin complications, such as infection. The well proven intact-skin technology already established in MED-EL’s cochlear and middle ear implants is now being employed successfully in bone conduction stimulation.

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