Vera's Journey

Some stories can't be told in just three minutes. That's why we decided to make Vera's Journey, an in-depth look at one woman's journey to better hearing. In these biweekly videos, follow Vera from her consultation right through to activation and discover how a cochlear implant changed her life.

Vera´s Journey

Episode 1
The Decision

"Hearing aids aren't going to do anything more to help me." Watch this first episode in Vera's Journey and find out why she made the decision to get cochlear implants.

Episode 2
The Surgery

"For the first time I have started to feel a bit nervous about the operation." In this episode of Vera's Journey, discover more about cochlear implant surgery, and see how Vera prepares herself for the big day.

Episode 3
The Activation

"Before the switch on, Nigel and I were incredibly nervous—who wouldn't be nervous!" In this episode of Vera's Journey, we join Vera on activation day as she hears her very first sounds with a cochlear implant.

Episode 4
The Rehabilitation

"It was a bit of a shock, and it was a shock how much I liked it!" Watch this episode of Vera's Journey, and find out how Vera learned to hear again with her cochlear implant.

Episode 5
Life With A Cochlear Implant

"Right, let's get on with life now." 'In this episode of Vera's Journey, Vera explains how having a cochlear implant has changed her life for the better.

Episode 6
A Hearing Future

"You just live your life like everyone else is doing really, which is a wonderful thing." In this final episode of Vera's Journey, discover the huge impact a cochlear implant has made to Vera's life.


Want to hear more from Vera? Check out these short snippets and learn more about Vera's cochlear implant journey.


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