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Apr 27, 2018, 11:18 AM
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"The audio processor is really easy to use on a daily basis and not only my hearing, but the quality of my life has improved since receiving my BONEBRIDGE."

At 25 years of age, I was told that I was suffering from Meniere’s syndrome. It meant that my hearing became worse and worse over a period of 20 years until I was completely deaf in my left ear.

Having single-sided deafness brings specific problems, as I found out. For example, I lost my sense of direction and every sound seemed to come from the right side which sometimes made for difficult situations. When my mobile phone was ringing somewhere, I was hopelessly searching as to where the sound was coming from. Or when my children called me, “Daddy, can you come over here!”, the word “here” for me could have come from the living room, kitchen, storage room or bathroom.

At work I also had great difficulty in following the discussions during a meeting or in a restaurant I couldn’t follow the conversation. Eventually I tried out several hearing aids. It was a big improvement but the discomfort of wearing the device behind or in my ear really bothered me.

I had heard about bone anchored hearing aids where a screw is placed in the skull, but I found the risks too high. I then read an article about the BONEBRIDGE technology and was really keen to find out more and made an appointment with the ENT department at my local clinic almost immediately.

It didn’t take long for me to decide that this was the solution I was looking for. A system that I could wear comfortably and which meant my skin was still intact.

The surgery took place at midday in the day hospital and by the evening I could already return home. Everything went well and after a week I was back at work. A couple of weeks after surgery the first fitting and adjustments to my audio processor were made and everything suddenly became real.

I have had my BONEBRIDGE system for a year now and I can say that it really was the right choice. The expectations I had have been largely exceeded. The quality and richness of the sound is much better than I could have imagined.

I can follow conversations again during meetings and join in when out with friends in a restaurant. The audio processor is really easy to use on a daily basis and not only my hearing, but the quality of my life has improved since receiving my BONEBRIDGE.

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