With his hearing implant,
he can connect with his grandchildren
and have conversations without worrying
about background noise.

Watch his story


With his hearing implant,
he can connect with his grandchildren
and have conversations without worrying
about background noise.

Watch his story

The World's Most Successful Middle Ear Implant System

The Vibrant Soundbridge, a unique middle ear implant system, has opened a world of new hearing possibilities for individuals who have not experienced an improvement with conventional hearing aids or cannot use them for medical reasons . This is often the case when hearing aids cannot be worn due to inflammation variety of reasons (i.e., otitis externa). The
Vibrant Soundbridge can be an effective solution for cases of moderate to severe sensorineural hearing loss.

In contrast to a hearing aid — which can only make sounds entering the ear canal louder — the Vibrant Soundbridge converts the signals from the environment into mechanical vibrations. This mechanical energy directly stimulates the structures of the middle ear and allows even high-pitched tones to be perceived exceptionally well.

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The Vibrant Soundbridge Implant System

The Vibrant Soundbridge implant system consists of the Amadé, an externally-worn audio processor, and a surgically implanted component, the VORP 502x and FMT. Thanks to the special design of the Vibrant Soundbridge, hearing loss can be managed flexibly while also achieving a natural sound quality for speech and natural sounds.

The Compact Audio Processor

  • compact and unobtrusive
  • 3 program options for specific listening situations
  • simple to use and comfortable to wear

With the Amadé audio processor, the Vibrant Soundbridge features outstanding signal processing technology. Automatic and customizable adjustment options enable an optimal hearing experience. The audio processor is held directly over the implant by magnet, allowing it to be comfortably and discreetly worn beneath the hair.

VORP 502x and FMT

  • optimal sound transmission via direct stimulation
  • excellent sound perception, even in the high-frequency range
  • only middle ear implant with single-point attachment

The implantable component of the Vibrant Soundbridge consists of the Vibrating Ossicular Prosthesis (VORP 502x) and the Floating Mass Transducer (FMT). The signal sent by the audio processor is processed by the VORP 502x and converted by the FMT into mechanical vibrations that are transmitted directly to the middle ear structures.

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The Advantages of the Vibrant Soundbridge

Practice-Proven Innovation

The Vibrant Soundbridge has been opening up new hearing possibilities since its first implantation in 1996. It is the only middle ear implant system with single-point attachment. Numerous studies1,2 have shown the
Vibrant Soundbridge to be a reliable hearing solution, with high levels of user satisfaction reported.

An Alternative to Conventional Hearing Aids

The Vibrant Soundbridge is a hearing solution designed for individuals who cannot use conventional hearing aids, either due to medical reasons or because they do not sufficiently benefit from them.

Also, the ear canal remains open, making it a particularly attractive option for individuals who suffer from an ear canal inflammation.

Benefit from the Latest Technologies

Just like the MED-EL cochlear implants, the Vibrant Soundbridge also allows the external audio processor to be easily upgraded to a newer generation of audio processor, even years after the original implantation. Therefore, our users can always take advantage of the latest innovations in hearing technology.

Not all products and indications represented herein are approved/available in all markets.
Consult your local representative for more information.

1 Luetje C.M., Brackman D., Balkany T.J., Maw J., Baker R.S., Kelsall D., Backous D., Miyamoto R., Pariser S., Arts A. Phase III clinical trial results with the Vibrant Soundbridge implantable middle ear hearing device: A prospective controlled multi-center study. Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, 126: 97-107, February 2002.

2 Mosnier I, Sterkers O, Bouccara D, et al. Benefit of the Vibrant Soundbridge Device in Patients Implanted For 5 to 8 Years Ear & Hearing, 29;281–284, 2008

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