Sports Headband

MED-EL Sports Headband

MED-EL Sports Headband
Comfort and support for an active lifestyle

The new MED-EL Sports Headband provides comfort and security for sports and many other physical activities.

Enjoy more freedom!

With the MED-EL Sports Headband, there’s no need to worry about your RONDO or Amadé audio processor shifting out of place or falling off. Now you can keep the audio processor securely in place over the implant thanks to specially-designed pockets within the headband. The breathable microfiber material also protects the audio processor from sweat and moisture*.

Ready for your active life
Durable, functional, & comfortable

MED-EL has teamed up with the renowned sportswear producer skinfit® to provide our users with the best activewear solutions.


  • moisture-wicking fabric
  • maximum ventilation
  • thermo-regulating and odor-resistant material
  • flat seams for a comfortable fit
  • low-maintenance
  • bilateral processor support

The MED-EL Sports Headband is a convenient and comfortable accessory for your active lifestyle.

Flexible design

The MED-EL Sports Headband is designed for the following audio processors:

  • RONDO Single-Unit Processor
  • Vibrant Soundbridge Amadé

The headband is black and is available in four different sizes:
XS (-20 in/-51 cm)
S (20.5-21.5 in/52-55 cm)
M (22-23 in/56-59 cm)
L (+23.5 in/+60 cm)

Order your MED-EL Sports Headband today by contacting your Customer Service Representative:
MED-EL Corporation | Tel.: 919-572-2222 | Toll Free: (888) MED-EL-CI (633-3524)

*Please note that the MED-EL Sports Headband should not be used for water sports.


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