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For using SoundScape the following software should be installed on your computer: 

Welcome. The following games are designed to help you test and hone your listening skills. There are different interactive listening activities designed for various age groups. If you have any problems playing these activities, please see the technical requirements.

  • Please make sure that you have the latest Flash version to play every activity without problems.
  • Slow internet connections may affect the performance of the activity.
  • Make sure that your speakers or headphones are switched on to hear the SoundScape activity.
  • Be aware that most activities open in a new window.

Starting Out

Starting Out is designed to provide information and support to parents of infants and toddlers undergoing cochlear implantation. Click here for reading material and video clips which demonstrate how to make listening fun from the very beginning.

Ms. MacDonald's Shed

Ms. MacDonald’s Shed is full of cars and trucks and planes and things that go. There’s a lot to do. Can you help her? To enhance language learning, we suggest that an adult plays the game with the child.

Old MacDonald's Farm

This is an interactive listening activity for younger children using the popular children's song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm". Adult assistance may be required for some children.

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Let's Go Shopping

Let's go shopping and buy some fruits and vegetables. This interactive game has 5 levels.

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Telling Tales

Listen to the 13 different tales presented in three difficulty levels. Pay attention, because questions will follow after each story!

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Continents & Oceans

Explore the world’s continents and oceans through this interactive listening activity.

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Sentence Matrix

This activity is designed for practising speech recognition while reading sentences.

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Sentence Matrix 2

This activity is designed for practising speech recognition while reading sentences.

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