Especially for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss

Especially for Parents of Children with Hearing Loss

At MED-EL, we do not just offer a hearing device for your child. We also offer you and your loved ones a lifetime of support—from rehabilitation specialists and counseling materials, to around-the-clock customer service and reimbursement assistance, to our growing HearPeers community.

We understand that this is a life-long decision you are making, and trust in the manufacturer is one of the most important factors for you as a parent of a child with hearing loss. Our implants are handmade at our global headquarters—each implant engineered with quality and reliability in mind. And with our wide-ranging portfolio of technology we can find the right solution for your child’s unique hearing needs.

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A MED-EL mom since 2013, Colleen has advice for parents considering a hearing implant for their child

A MED-EL dad since 2000, Mike talks about the (unnecessary) grief he felt for his child's hearing loss


Journey Passport

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Written by MED-EL parents, for MED-EL parents, this notebook contains a list of importation questions to ask your audiologist as you explore different hearing solutions. This notebook helps to narrow down the most important question you'll have and the important follow-ups to keep in mind.



Parent’s Guide to a Cochlear Implant System

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Prefer a hard copy? Request your Welcome Kit now! 

MED-EL is with you every step of the way. FIRST STEPS Parent’s Guide to a Cochlear Implant System helps to guide parents through the hearing device process. From understanding hearing loss and the importance of early intervention to surgery expectations and rehabilitation exercises, this guide is perfect those deciding on a hearing device for their child. 

Our MED-EL teens have advice for parents and children who are considering a MED-EL hearing device

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We have people waiting to support you through your unique journey, from diagnosis to activation and beyond. Let us answer your questions so you can start your child's journey to better hearing. 

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MED-EL Community Events

HearPeer Meet-Up "Practice Makes Perfect: Aural Rehabilitation for Adults"

Janet Lane & Alexanna Rodgers

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Objectives: By the end of the session, participants will be able to

  1. Compare and contrast conditions  that make listening easier vs. more challenging.
  2. Practice listening to spoken language  under various conditions.
  3. Identify MED-EL’s free resources for aural rehabilitation.

There are several factors which you can control to influence your success with your CI. One of them include  providing yourself opportunities for active practice with your audio processor, often referred to as aural rehabilitation. This month, we discuss the goal of aural rehabilitation and how that is achieved through certain activities. We will help you understand why some listening conditions are more difficult than others and point you to several of MED-EL’s free resources to help you achieve your listening goals. Leave with tools you can use right away to take matters into your own hands and give your brain an opportunity to become better accustomed to the information it is receiving through your audio processor!

Please note that while this is a free event, you must RSVP to the link provided to reserve your spot.