FineTuner Echo

Hear how you want to. With the FineTuner Echo, you can quickly change the settings on your RONDO 3, SONNET 2, or SONNET and make the most of your hearing.

FineTuner Echo - Change Settings
FineTuner Echo

Change Settings

Adjust the volume, switch between programs, or start streaming with AudioLink—all at the press of a button. The pocket-sized FineTuner Echo makes it easy to change settings, so you can hear the world how you want to.

  • Adjust the Volume
  • Changing the Program
  • Activate streaming with connectivity devices
FineTuner Echo - Easy Display

Easy Display

See your settings as you change them. The FineTuner Echo’s intuitive display screen makes it simple to adjust settings—even if you’re not a digital expert! What's more, the e-ink display makes the FineTuner Echo's screen easy to read on sunny days.

FineTuner Echo - Easy Display
FineTuner Echo - Check Your Microphones

Check Your Microphones

Think there might be a problem with your audio processor? The FineTuner Echo allows you to test the microphones of your audio processor, so you can quickly check if your device is working correctly.

FineTuner Echo - Check your Microphones

Technical Data

Width: 38mm
Length: 104mm
FineTuner Echo

FineTuner Echo

  • Remote Control with bidirectional communication
  • Display
  • Troubleshooting
  • Battery Status
  • Weight: 32g (including battery)
  • Volume change
  • Audio sensitivity change
  • Bilateral user support
  • Easy keypad lock
  • Telecoil settings
  • AudioLink activation
  • Program change
  • Easy lanyard fixation
  • Integrated green LED
  • Disposable CR2032 battery
  • IP52 water resistance rating
  • Integrated 2.4GHz module
  • Typical operating distance 40cm

Please note: Your audiologist needs to adjust the settings of your SONNET Audio Processor before it can be paired with the FineTuner Echo.