Honest, Transparent, Up-to-Date
Product Reliability Reporting

MED-EL Cochlear Implant Systems offer outstanding overall reliability. Honest, transparent, and up-to-date reliability reporting shows that MED-EL provides the most reliable CI system available.

Our CI systems combine the most reliable cochlear implants with the most reliable audio processors for the optimal safety, reliability, and convenience for our recipients.

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after 5 years

Best-In-Class Implant Reliability
For Long-Term Peace of Mind

Our newest cochlear implant, SYNCHRONY, is based on the CONCERTO PIN, a proven, robust design with an outstanding track record of reliability.

The CONCERTO PIN Cochlear Implant features an exceptional 99.97% reliability rating after 5 years.





Low Maintenance Audio Processors
Average Monthly Service Rate for Control Units

To monitor the reliability of our audio processors and other external components, we calculate the Average Monthly Service Rate (AMSR). This number reflects the average percentage of devices that are returned to MED-EL for service each month and that are found to be defective.

The data reflects MED-EL's continuing commitment to improving reliability with each new generation of audio processor.

As of April 2015

MED-EL audio processors have always been reliable. Each generation is more reliable thanks to constant design improvements.

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