CI and EAS Audio Processor

These support guides will help you handle and care for the SONNET 2 & SONNET 2 EAS Audio Processor.

Assembling SONNET 2 With Rechargeable Batteries

SONNET2 Rechargable Battery Adapter

Attach the rechargeable battery adapter to the control unit.


Note the mechanism that secures the rechargeable battery adapter to the control unit.

SONNET 2 Release Lever

To remove, press the tip of the release lever.

SONNET 2 Battery Higher Lip

Insert the rechargeable battery at an angle. The side with the higher lip should be facing towards the earhook.

SONNET 2 Insert Rechargable Battery

Gently press the rechargeable battery back into the adapter until it clicks into place.

SONNET 2 Plug in Coil Cable

Plug the coil cable into the control unit.


Note the correct orientation of the coil cable socket.

SONNET 2 Battery Pack Cover

Make sure that the battery pack cover lock is in the unlocked position. Slide the battery pack cover over the rechargeable battery adapter. Your SONNET 2 is now switched on.


Be careful not to use too much force when turning the lock.


SONNET 2 Remove Rechargable Battery

To remove the rechargeable battery, simply reverse steps 3 and 2. The rechargeable battery adapter does not need to be removed when changing the rechargeable battery.

To see which batteries you can use with your SONNET 2, see the Battery Overview.


Refer to your user manual for more information.