Connect easily to your phone, enjoy watching TV, and hear clearly in busy settings—all with our easy-to-use connectivity options.

Easy Listening, Wherever You Are

Sometimes it’s hard to hear your best. Hearing your phone or TV clearly can be a challenge, as can understanding your friends in a busy restaurant. All our audio processors are specially designed to connect easily to phones, tablets, microphones, and other audio devices. This brings the sound straight to your ears and boosts your hearing when you need it most.

On this page you’ll find an overview of the many ways to connect. For more information about the options for your specific audio processor, simply click on the processor image at the end of each section.

Easy Connectivity

Connect to your phone, stream sound from your TV, or hear the family clearly at dinner—find out how AudioLink can give you great hearing with all your devices.

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On the Phone

Take that call, wherever you are. It's easy to connect to your phone with Bluetooth connectivity devices, such as AudioLink. These work with any Bluetooth-enabled phone, including iPhone and Android, allowing you to make hands-free calls on the go.

Connectivity watching TV

Watching TV

Never miss your favourite show. Use a wireless TV streamer to send the sound from the TV straight to your audio processor—ideal for hearing across a noisy living room. There are also other options available for watching shows on your computer or tablet, or even for making your own home cinema.

Connectivity listening to music

Listening to Music

Get the most from your music. Connectivity devices like AudioLink let you stream music from your favourite devices, without plugging anything into your processor. Noise-cancelling headphones are also great for listening to music, and can be easily placed over behind-the-ear processors like SONNET 2.

Connectivity in public venues

Public Venues

Hear more clearly when you’re out and about. Cinemas, theatres, museums, places of worship, and many other public venues often have hearing loops installed. Most audio processors connect seamlessly to hearing loops at the press of a button, helping you to catch every word.

Connectivity at work or school

At Work or School

Hear the person who’s speaking—not the rest of the room. AudioLink and other wireless microphones make it much easier to hear a teacher or other speaker over a crowded room. There are also microphones designed for small group settings, such as meetings. These microphones are simple to connect to your audio processor and make it much easier to hear in the classroom or at work.

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