A World of Sound
in a Single Unit

RONDO - The World‘s First CI
Single-Unit Processor


The World‘s First CI Single-Unit Processor

Compact and Fully Integrated

What do you get when you combine traditional audio processor components such as the coil, control unit and battery pack into one single unit? Fewer parts, no cable, and a feeling of freedom from wearing nothing behind the ear.

Just Put it On and Go!

Getting up in the morning and tuning in to a world of sound has never been easier. Attaching the one piece RONDO is straight forward. Setting changes can be made on the fly with the FineTuner remote control.   

Sound Makes the World Go Round

Sound connects you to the planet and the people who live on it. Hear it all thanks to signature technologies and the proven, superior hearing performance of the OPUS platform.

Nothing Behind the Ear

If you have a hearing loss, chances are that you've been wearing a behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid or audio processor for many years. Now, for the first time, RONDO delivers the freedom of an audio processor with room behind the ear.

Free Your Ear!

RONDO makes space for glasses, sunglasses or your favourite accessory.

Easy to Conceal

RONDO can be hidden easily under longer hair. The integrated design, with no ear hook or separate coil, makes wearing RONDO less obvious.

Blends in with your hair

Four colours designed especially to blend in with your natural hair colour make wearing RONDO virtually invisible

Users Stories

Don - RONDO User

“When my hearing loss bottomed out, I gave up my season tickets to the symphony. Now that I have my RONDO, I can enjoy music once again. Best of all it blends in so well, I can attend concerts without anyone even knowing I’m wearing it!”

Watch his Video

Kathy - RONDO User

“The day my RONDO got turned on, I called my family who live far away. It’d been a very long time since I was able to understand and converse with them over the phone. Hearing their voices so clearly, I knew right away that I'd made the right choice.”

Watch her Video
Watch these videos to learn more

Colour options




Nordic Grey

Remote Control

The small, slim FineTuner fits easily into your pocket if you wish to carry it with you at all times. Changes made via the remote control allow the user to keep the audio processor on the ear for uninterrupted hearing.

  • Large buttons for simple use
  • Clearly labeled buttons make it easy to change settings
  • Controls both audio processors independently for bilateral use
  • Designed for individuals of all ages

Technical Data

Compatible Hardware/Software
  • CONCERTO, SONATA, PULSAR, C40+, C40 implants
  • FineTuner Remote Control Unit
Wearing Options
  • Mini Battery Pack
Sound Coding Strategies

MAESTRO Cochlear Implant System supports the latest generation of FineHearing Technology as well as other advanced coding strategies.

Future Compatibility

Designed for compatibility with upcoming sound coding strategies.


Connect to your favourite assistive listening devices (ALDs) via the telecoil, or plug in directly by using the Mini Battery Pack and a connection cable.


Anthracite, Nordic Grey, Creme and Ebony.


18.5g* (as delivered with standard magnet and batteries)

Battery Life

Up to 5 days of use with a set of 3 high-power zinc-air batteries (type 675).

Magnet Strength

Available with soft, standard, strong or super strong magnet.

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