The New XS

World's Smallest &
Lightest Audio Processor

For children, adults and everyone in between. Simply change your wearing option with one simple click. No matter how you prefer to wear your OPUS 2XS, rest assured that you are choosing a processor designed to fit your active needs – with superior compatibility and reliability to last.

Easy-to-Use Modular Design

MAESTRO is designed for your lifestyle. Stand out or be discreet with the OPUS 2 featuring an XS battery pack. Available in a variety of wearing options designed for children’s unique needs or for the active lifestyles of adults, the OPUS 2 audio processor is made to be worn every day.

The Perfect Fit for Your Lifestyle






The Perfect Fit for Your Lifestyle


Enjoy the same great OPUS 2 hearing experience: now available in size extra small. Light and thin, the OPUS 2XS fits snugly on the ear. Small dimensions and a shorter battery pack provide increased balance for superior wearing comfort.

Standard Battery Pack

The Standard Battery Pack configuration is slim and lightweight, with a contoured, low-profile design that fits perfectly behind the ear. This wearing option is ideal for comfortable everyday use.

DaCapo System

The DaCapo rechargeable battery system contains state-of-the-art rechargeable batteries, a battery pack and a charger.

Mini Battery Pack

The Mini Battery Pack is a new body worn option to support rechargeable technology, and to provide connection for assistive listening devices.

Children's Battery Pack

For small children, this configuration is ideal because only the tiny, ultralight control unit is worn on the ear. The attached battery pack provides additional security, especially during playtime.


For infants & small children or individuals participating in high-energy activities. The entire processor, including batteries, is attached to clothing so that it remains securely in place..

Energy Efficiency

Rechargeable Battery Pack

The DaCapo runs for up to 16 hours when used in combination with the new energy-efficient D Coil. Batteries can be recharged quickly to provide a full day of use.

Battery Pack
90 Hours of Energy

Use the Standard Battery Pack and benefit from longer battery life and direct connectivity.

60 Hours of Energy

The smaller, more discreet OPUS 2XS gives you long battery life in a smaller, more compact size.

50% Longer Battery Life!
The New D Coil

The lower-profile and thinner D Coil makes the OPUS 2 up to 50% more energy efficient. Users save money and enjoy the same great listening experience longer.

Colour options


Anthracite Nordic Grey Sienna Brown Ebony Bordeux Red Orange Green Pacific Blue Baby Blue Baby Pink Beige Creme White

Connect to the World
Your iPod, FM, Phone, TV and Gaming System

Direct Connect with Audio Cable

The standard input jack can be used to directly connect external devices to your OPUS 2 using a cable. Both unilateral and bilateral audio cables are available.

Wireless Access with FM Battery Pack

The standard input jack on the FM Battery Cover provides you the widest variety of connectivity options with different wireless receivers that are commonly used in FM systems.

Wireless Access
with Telecoil

The audio processor has an integrated state-of-the-art telecoil, a miniature receiver that can be used with a wide variety of telephones, public sound systems and induction loop systems. MAESTRO users can also benefit from third-party accessories (neckloops, etc.) to further enhance their listening experience.

Remote Control

The small, slim FineTuner fits easily into your pocket if you wish to carry it with you at all times. Changes made via the remote control allow the user to keep the audio processor on the ear for uninterrupted hearing.

  • Large buttons for simple use
  • Clearly labeled buttons make it easy to change settings
  • Controls both audio processors independently for bilateral use
  • Designed for individuals of all ages

Technical Data

Compatible Hardware/Software
  • CONCERTO, SONATA, PULSAR, C40+, C40 implants
  • FineTuner Remote Control Unit
Wearing Options
  • XS Battery Pack
  • Standard Battery Pack
  • DaCapo rechargeable battery system
  • Children's Battery Pack
  • BabyBTE/ActiveWear configuration
  • Mini Battery Pack
Sound Coding Strategies

MAESTRO Cochlear Implant System supports the latest generation of FineHearing Technology as well as other advanced coding strategies.

Future Compatibility

Designed for compatibility with upcoming sound coding strategies.

  • Integrated telecoil for wireless access to Assistive
    Listening Devices (ALDs)
  • Standard input for ALDs: FM Battery Pack Cover
    (for Standard Battery Pack and DaCapo System) and
    Mini Battery Pack allow direct connection of ALDs
    and other external equipment, e.g., FM systems,
    MP3 players.

Anthracite, Nordic Grey, Sienna Brown, Ebony, Bordeaux Red, Orange, Green, Pacific Blue, Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Beige, Creme, White

  • OPUS 2 with XS Battery Pack and batteries: 9.4 g
  • OPUS 2 with DaCapo rechargeable battery system: 10.1 g
  • OPUS 2 with Standard Battery Pack and batteries: 12.4 g
Battery Life (with D Coil)
  • Standard Battery Pack: Up to 5 days of use with
    a set of 3 zinc-air batteries (type 675)
  • XS Battery Pack: Up to 4 days of use with a
    set of 2 zinc-air batteries (type 675)
  • New Mini Battery Pack: Up to 3 days of use with a single
    AAA battery
  • DaCapo: rechargeable battery system provides a full
    day of use (16 hours)
Magnet Strength

Available with soft, standard, strong or super strong magnet.

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