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Cochlear Implant Reliability


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Why MRI Safety Matters

Cochlear Implant MRI

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Simple Connectivity.
Great Flexibility.

Enjoy connecting to the media you love—wirelessly.

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For Superior Hearing Performance

At MED-EL, we believe that the ultimate goal of any hearing implant should be to provide the recipient with the best possible hearing performance.


A World of Sound
in a Single Unit

RONDO - The World‘s First CI
Single-Unit Processor

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Love at first sight.
The new OPUS 2XS

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Ensuring a
hearing future.

Your child's future hearing potential should be handled with care. Hold on to that which matters most.


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MED-EL Videos
Watch our collection of videos we’ve created for you. Learn more about hearing and hearing implants.
MED-EL’s comprehensive support programme offers a wide variety of materials to support you along your hearing journey.
If you would like to be referred directly to a cochlear implant centre, please contact us.
About MED-EL
Our broad portfolio of hearing implants ensures to fit each candidate’s unique hearing loss.
Client Diary
The Diary provides formats for the systematic documentation of basic information, evaluation reports and habilitation progress.



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