These support guides will help you handle and care for your SAMBA 2 GO.

Making Phone Calls

You can use SAMBA 2 GO to make hands-free phone calls—the SAMBA 2 GO microphone will transmit your voice to the other person or people in the call.

SAMBA 2 GO - bluetooth connected

Make sure SAMBA 2 GO is paired with your phone or other Bluetooth device.


If the audio does not stream automatically, disconnect all other audio devices from SAMBA 2 GO. Then press the upper and lower volume buttons together briefly to establish the connection manually.

SAMBA 2 GO - make call 

To make a call, select the number or contact on your phone as normal. The audio from your phone will automatically be streamed to your audio processor.

SAMBA 2 GO - multi-function button 

If you receive a call, the ring tone will be streamed to your audio processor and the blue LED will flash. Briefly press the multifunction button to accept the call.


To reject the call, press the multi-function button for more than 2 seconds.


You can also use the accept and reject buttons on your phone to start or end calls.


To hang up on an active phone call, briefly press the multifunction button.


To stop streaming the phone call through SAMBA 2 GO, double-press the multi-function button. The phone call will now be heard through your phone’s speakers. Double-press the multifunction button to start streaming through SAMBA 2 GO again.


Refer to your user manual for more information.