Rehabilitation is a vital part of learning to hear with a cochlear implant. Find out how MED‑EL can support you in getting the most out of your new hearing.


Steps Towards Success

After receiving a cochlear implant, one of the most important steps to best hearing is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is the process of actively learning to hear with an implant and is important for both children and adults after implantation. Routinely practicing hearing skills can help provide faster and better improvement in hearing abilities.

“The most important step to hearing is rehabilitation.”

Made for You

We offer a comprehensive cochlear implant rehabilitation programme. Our materials are specifically designed for each stage of the hearing journey and offer practical tips you can use at home, work, or school. The MED-EL rehabilitation programme provides resources to help you or your child hear the best.

Rehabilitation Downloads

Rehabilitation Downloads

We have plenty of free rehab resources designed to support cochlear implant recipients of all ages, from lesson kits for hearing professionals to guides for parents and CI users.


Activities, lesson kits, and guides to help parents and educators support children with cochlear implants.

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Adults and Teens

Tips to help you reach your listening goals, plus free resources for hearing professionals who work with teens and adults.

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The MED-EL Blog is full of rehab ideas to try with your child, or to improve your own listening skills. You’ll find lots of handy tips and tricks, all created by our dedicated team of rehabilitation specialists. Be sure to also check out our Rehab At Home video series, showing you different activities you can do at home with your child.


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Rehab At Home

Rehabilitation Apps

To support rehabilitation, we offer a variety of assessment apps. The apps are available on the App Store® and Google Play. Please be aware that some of the apps are only available for tablets and not smartphones.