Connect easily to your phone, enjoy watching TV, and hear clearly in busy settings—all with our easy-to-use connectivity options.

Easy Listening, Wherever You Are

Sometimes it’s hard to hear your best. Hearing your phone or TV clearly can be a challenge, as can understanding your friends in a busy restaurant. All our audio processors are specially designed to connect easily to phones, tablets, microphones, and other audio devices. This brings the sound straight to your ears and boosts your hearing when you need it most.

On this page you’ll find an overview of the many ways to connect.

Connectivity - SONNET Series


Whether you’re using SONNET or SONNET 2, streaming sound is easy with our behind-the-ear audio processors. Just slide on AudioStream for direct wireless streaming from your phone, or connect to AudioLink, our universal connectivity device. Our SONNET series audio processors also work with loop telecoil systems, neckloops and more for extra flexibility.

RONDO Series

RONDO Series

It doesn’t matter which RONDO series audio processor you have: Connecting to your favourite devices is simple. With RONDO 3, you connect wirelessly to your phone, TV and other media devices with AudioLink. Or choose from neckloops, FM systems and more for RONDO and RONDO 2.

SAMBA Series

SAMBA Series

Our SAMBA series audio processors make streaming simple for VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE and BONEBRIDGE implant users. There’s SAMBA 2 GO, which sends sound wirelessly to the SAMBA 2 audio processor. And the Siemens miniTek* is a flexible connectivity option for the SAMBA audio processor.



Whether it’s on the phone, in the classroom or just listening to your favourite podcast, ADHEAR makes it simple to connect to the sounds you love with Direct Audio Input.

ADHEAR - Direct Audio Input

Audio Input Cable

Connect your ADHEAR straight to your smartphone or tablet with the Audio Input Cable or use it with wireless systems to stream sound via Bluetooth. You can also use a Telecoil receiver to connect to hearing loop systems in public venues.

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