Bone Conduction Implant

BONEBRIDGE gives you great hearing, but that’s not all. It is the most advanced active bone conduction implant and is fully placed under the skin. In fact, you won’t even realise it’s there! Find out how BONEBRIDGE uses bone conduction to revolutionise your hearing.

BONEBRIDGE - Comfortable and Effective

Comfortable and Effective

BONEBRIDGE is an implant designed around you, the user. Being fully under your skin, the ergonomic implant doesn’t leave you with open wounds or skincare routines to worry about. The externally-worn SAMBA 2 Audio Processor sits comfortably on your head and its streamlined design makes it easy to hide under your hair.

But most importantly, BONEBRIDGE offers you great sound quality. MED-EL pioneered “under-the-skin” bone conduction implants when we introduced BONEBRIDGE over ten years ago. Thousands of happy users around the world show just how successful BONEBRIDGE is. And we’ve even combined this market experience with feedback from leading surgeons to create a second-generation BONEBRIDGE implant. For you, that means high-quality, comfortable hearing that you can rely on for years to come.

  • Natural sound quality

  • Placed fully under the skin

  • Small and stylish audio processor

reddot award 2019

Awarded 2019 to the BONEBRIDGE BCI 602 Bone Conduction Implant.



With normal hearing, sound vibrations are sent through the outer and middle parts of the ear, and on to the inner ear. If you have conductive or mixed hearing loss, your outer or middle ear is damaged, and so sounds can't reach your inner ear effectively.

But BONEBRIDGE can help. BONEBRIDGE picks up the sounds around you, and then sends them to your inner ear through the bones of your skull, bypassing your damaged outer and middle ears. If you have single-sided deafness, BONEBRIDGE can also be used to pick up sound vibrations on your bad side and send them through to the inner ear on your good side.


Audio Processor

  • Lightest Audio Processor
  • Stylish Design Covers
  • Intelligent Hearing Technology

BCI 602 Implant

  • Natural Sound Quality
  • Placed Fully Under the Skin
  • 1.5 Tesla MRI Without Surgery*

Audio Processor

SAMBA 2 is the latest generation of audio processor for SOUNDBRIDGE and BONEBRIDGE. With a sleek, intuitive design and intelligent hearing technology. It's designed to make your hearing experience as simple as possible.

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Comfortable to Wear

BONEBRIDGE is an active bone conduction implant that is fully implanted under the skin. For you, that means nothing sticking out through your skin, no open wounds, and therefore no daily skin care routines to worry about. You can simply put on your SAMBA 2 Audio Processor each morning, and forget about it for the rest of the day.


A Stylish Solution

Make BONEBRIDGE invisible. The SAMBA 2 Audio Processor is worn on your head, just behind your ear, and is held comfortably in place by magnets. This makes it easy to hide the compact SAMBA 2 under your hair. Alternatively, make your processor stand out from the crowd with the stylish SAMBA 2 Design Covers.


Made for the Future

A hearing implant is a decision for a lifetime, so it is important to choose a system you can rely on. BONEBRIDGE’s robust design is built to keep you hearing for many years to come and you can easily upgrade to the latest audio processor. The implant can undergo MRI scans at 1.5 Tesla with no surgery,* no discomfort and no hearing downtime, so you’re prepared for whatever the future might bring.** And because of our long and positive experience with MRIs, we even offer a life-long MRI guarantee for your implant.***

Experiences with BONEBRIDGE

BONEBRIDGE users tell us how their bone conduction implant has not only improved their hearing, but also their lives—at work, at home, and with friends and family.

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“Today, I still can’t believe what a difference this small device can make!" 
Daniela A., BONEBRIDGE user from Austria 
 User Stories
"It felt so natural, like I had been wearing it for years."

The Next Steps

What can you expect next? Here’s an outline of the process of receiving a bone conduction implant.



First, you’ll undergo routine assessments to ensure you’re a candidate for a bone conduction implant, and if there are any additional factors your implant team should consider. Your clinical team will walk you and your family through the specifics of what to expect in the following steps.



To implant BONEBRIDGE, the surgical procedure is straightforward and usually lasts around 1 hour under general anaesthesia. Recipients are usually back on their feet the next day. Your hospital stay may last one or more days, depending on your individual needs and what’s typical in your area.



Usually, 1-2 weeks after implantation, you’ll have your first fitting. This “activation day” is when your audiologist will turn on your audio processor for the first time and you’ll hear your first new sounds. The audio settings of your processor will be adjusted to fit your hearing preferences.

Technical Data

24.4 mm
⌀ 28.2 mm
4.1 mm
4.5 mm
4.4 mm
64.3 mm
18.2 mm

BCI 602 Implant

Implant Kit Contents

  • 1 BCI 602 Bone Conduction Implant
  • 3 Cortical Screws (Osseointegration of the screws is not required):
    • 2 Self-Drilling Standard Screws 1.6 x 5 mm (silver)
    • 1 Emergency Screw 1.9 x 5 mm (blue)
  • 1 Surgical Screwdriver SD 2 (single-use)

Approx. 20 g

Materials in Contact With Tissue
Implant: Medical grade silicone elastomer, titanium grade 5 ELI (in accordance with ASTM F 136-12)
Screws: Titanium alloy Ti6Al7Nb

Polyoxymethylene (POM), martensitic stainless steel (1.4197)

MRI Conditions
MR-conditional at 1.5 Tesla**

Maximum Diving Depth
50 m in salt water (6 bar)

Biocompatible according to ISO 10993-1


Delivered sterile

* Unless required for diagnostic reasons.
** The BONEBRIDGE bone conduction implant is MR conditional. Recipients with BONEBRIDGE may be safely MRI scanned at 1.5 Tesla following the conditions detailed in the instructions for use.
*** The terms and conditions of the MRI Guarantee can be found here.
**** Whereby “free” means “not made with latex” according to current FDA guidance.