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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about the SONNET audio processor? Take a look below for answers to our most frequently asked questions. 

The SONNET Audio Processor is a behind-the-ear cochlear implant audio processor from MED-EL. It consists of a processor, which is worn on the ear, and a coil, which sits over the implant on the head. SONNET has a water-resistant design, flexible connectivity options, and contains Automatic Sound Management 2.0 technology for effortless listening.

Yes. The splash-proof SONNET has an IP54 rating, which means that it’s protected against sweat, rain, and humidity. SONNET should not be submerged in water unless used with WaterWear—a waterproof accessory for swimming and other underwater activities.

Automatic Sound Management 2.0 actively adapts to changing listening environments, so there’s much less need to change programs or manually adjust settings. ASM 2.0 features Microphone Directionality, Wind Noise Reduction, and Automatic Volume Control.

  • Microphone Directionality focuses on the sounds in front of you and reduces background noise for better comprehension.
  • Wind Noise Reduction minimizes continuous wind noise to help you hear better in outdoor environments.
  • Automatic Volume Control automatically adjusts volume levels to ensure that sounds are clear and comfortable.
Yes. Direct wireless streaming from your smartphone, tablet, or TV streaming device to your SONNET is possible with the optional AudioStream cover. The AudioStream cover slides over your battery pack, allowing you to stream phone calls and sound from any compatible device in high-quality true stereo. AudioStream works with all SONNET and SONNET 2 audio processors from as far back as 2014 and includes support for bilateral and bimodal users. For more information about AudioStream, along with a list of compatible iOS and Android devices as well as hearing aids, check out our AudioStream product page.

SONNET also connects to smartphones, TVs, computers, and more via AudioLink. AudioLink is a universal connectivity device that sends sound from your devices to SONNET, without you having to plug anything into your audio processor. AudioLink also works as a remote microphone. This means you can put it on the table, and hear the conversation more clearly at dinner, in meetings, or in many other situations.

SONNET is available with both rechargeable and disposable batteries, and you can even switch between the two types. With two size 675 zinc-air batteries, SONNET can go for up to 60 hours. Using our rechargeable options, you can enjoy up to 17 hours of power with the Rechargeable Battery Max, up to 10 hours with the Standard Rechargeable Battery, or up to 7 hours with the tiny and light Micro Rechargeable Battery.

SONNET uses dual microphones and the latest technology to give you microphone directionality. With two microphones, SONNET can focus in on the sounds in front of you and drown out any background noise. This makes it easier to hear the most important sounds around you, especially in noisy environments.

SONNET is suitable for cochlear implant users of any age. It is compatible with all MED-EL multichannel cochlear implants from the last 20+ years, including a SYNCHRONY series, MED-EL CONCERT series, PULSAR, SONATA series, and C40+.

SONNET measures 56.7 mm high, 37.4 mm deep, and 9.3 mm wide. Including the battery pack and two zinc-air batteries, SONNET weighs only 10.6 grams. With the Rechargeable Battery Micro, SONNET weighs just 8.1 grams and is only 51.4 mm high.

SONNET is available in six different colours: Black, White, Anthracite, Beige, Ebony, and Nordic Grey. The interchangeable microphone covers and battery pack covers are available in 15 colors: Black, White, Anthracite, Beige, Ebony, Nordic Grey, Sienna Brown, Creme, Bordeaux Red, Pacific Blue, Orange, Green, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, and Cool Grey. You can use the SONNET Colour Configurator to find your perfect combination. 

The DL-Coil for SONNET is also available with a range of bright or discreet Design Covers. You can check out all the available designs here.

There are three different lengths of cables for the DL-Coil available, including 6.5cm, 9cm, 28cm. The cables are available in Black, Beige, Nordic Grey, and White. 

The SONNET Audio Processor can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth. Use the included drying kit daily to help ensure that any moisture is removed. SONNET uses removable microphone covers that should be changed every 3 months.

SONNET can switch between programs in 15 milliseconds.

SONNET turns on in one second.

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