Middle Ear Implant

A middle ear implant is a simple yet effective way to hear clearly and naturally. Discover why VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE is the most popular middle ear implant system available, and what it can do for you.


A New Way To Hear

SOUNDBRIDGE is a unique middle ear implant system that opens up the world of sound to people with hearing loss. It is ideal for individuals who don’t see any improvement with hearing aids or cannot use them for medical reasons.

In contrast to a hearing aid, which amplifies sound from outside your ear, SOUNDBRIDGE brings the sound straight to the inside of your ear. This innovative way of hearing also ensures great natural sound quality, making it easier to hear the things you love most.

  • Natural sound quality

    Clear, natural hearing without any noisy feedback

  • Preservation of delicate ear structures

    The only middle ear implant with single-point attachment

  • Long-term reliability

    Most successful middle ear implant for over 25 years

  • Comfortable to wear

    With the small and stylish SAMBA 2 Audio Processor


Experiences with SOUNDBRIDGE

SOUNDBRIDGE users tell us how their middle ear implant has not only improved their hearing, but also their lives—at work, at home, with friends and with family.

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“It was only then that I was aware of what I have been missing over the years." 
Gerald, SOUNDBRIDGE user from Germany
 User Stories
"I would never want to be without my new hearing ability again."


SOUNDBRIDGE is designed for people with mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss, as well as for those with conductive or mixed hearing loss.

Hearing with SOUNDBRIDGE is very similar to hearing naturally. The SAMBA 2 Audio Processor picks up sounds and sends them through the skin to the SOUNDBRIDGE implant. SOUNDBRIDGE then takes these sound waves and turns them into mechanical vibrations, just like a normal hearing ear would. The mechanical vibrations stimulate the cochlea, which sends sound signals to your brain and allows you to understand the sounds around you.

The SOUNDBRIDGE System consists of two main parts. The externally worn SAMBA 2 audio processor picks up the sounds around you and sends them to the internal implant, which is placed just under the skin behind the ear.

See SOUNDBRIDGE in action by watching this simple video.


A Closer Look

SOUNDBRIDGE is built to give you a lifetime of better hearing. With the latest in hearing technology, plus a reliable, MRI-compatible design, you can hear your best for many years to come.

And with SAMBA 2, you have an audio processor that’s built for your lifestyle. Flexible connectivity options, chic Design Covers, and all packed into a compact, comfortable device.


Audio Processor

  • Lightest Audio Processor
  • Stylish Design Covers
  • Intelligent Hearing Technology
VORP 503

VORP 503 Implant

  • Natural Sound Quality
  • Long-Term Reliability
  • 1.5 Tesla* MRI Without Surgery**


Beyond Hearing Aids

If you can’t use hearing aids, or find them uncomfortable, then SOUNDBRIDGE could be an excellent option for you. With SOUNDBRIDGE you have nothing inside your ear canal, which prevents the ear infections experienced by some hearing aid users.

It could also be that hearing aids are simply not powerful enough for your hearing loss. Because SOUNDBRIDGE delivers the sound directly to the inside of your ear, it can make sounds much stronger and clearer than most hearing aids can—without any noisy feedback. This means you can enjoy the full spectrum of sound, from the loudest to the quietest sounds.

For Young and Old

SOUNDBRIDGE is the only middle ear implant system that can be used by children as well as adults. Its unique design means that even kids as young as 10 years can experience SOUNDBRIDGE’s natural sound quality, improving their hearing by up to 73%.*** Giving young children early access to sound helps them to develop like their peers, and go on to achieve whatever they want to in life.

better hearing

Designed for the Future

We’re constantly developing new technology, which will be packed into the future audio processors. But we make sure that every new audio processor is compatible with every SOUNDBRIDGE implant, so that you can benefit from the latest advances in hearing technology, no matter when you received your implant.

Safety Above All Else

Most of us will need an MRI scan at some point in our lifetime. That’s why the latest SOUNDBRIDGE implant is designed to offer you easy MRIs with no surgery,** no discomfort and no hearing downtime. And because of our long and positive experience with MRIs, we even offer a life-long MRI guarantee for your implant.****


Audio Processor

SAMBA 2 is the latest generation of audio processor for SOUNDBRIDGE and BONEBRIDGE. With a sleek, intuitive design and intelligent hearing technology, it's designed to make your hearing experience as simple as possible.

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The Next Steps

What can you expect next? Here’s an outline of the process of receiving a middle ear implant.



First, you’ll undergo routine assessments to ensure you’re a candidate for a middle ear implant, and if there are any additional factors your team should consider. Your clinical team will walk you and your family through the specifics of what to expect in the following steps.



To implant SOUNDBRIDGE, the surgical procedure is straightforward and usually lasts between 1–2 hours under general anesthesia. Recipients are usually back on their feet the next day. Your hospital stay may last one or more days, depending on your individual needs and what’s typical in your area. 



A few weeks after implantation, you’ll have your first fitting. This “activation day” is when your audiologist will turn on your audio processor for the first time and you’ll hear your first new sounds. The audio settings of your processor will be adjusted to fit your hearing preferences.

*The VORP 503 middle ear implant is MR conditional. Recipients with VORP 503 may be safely scanned at 1.5 Tesla (T) following the conditions detailed in the instructions for use.
** Unless required for diagnostic reasons.
***The VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE in Children and Adolescents: Post Market Clinical Follow-Up Study Final Analysis, March 2017
**** The terms and conditions of the MRI Guarantee can be found here.

Technical Data

⌀ 28 mm
14.2 mm
22 mm
0.5 mm
⌀ 1.8 mm
2.3 mm
4.4 mm
4.1 mm
125 °
57 mm

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