Deciding to restore your hearing is a life-changing decision. Don’t do it alone.

MED-EL has a community of hearing implant recipients, caregivers, and professionals across all the country who cannot wait to support you. Whether you have had your hearing device for 20 years or have just been diagnosed with hearing loss, our HearPeers community is hear for you! 


Your MED-EL Community and Rehabilitation Team 

With years of auditory, speech, and language experience, our team of professionals can answer any question you may have about you or your loved one's hearing loss. They are trained rehabilitation specialists who can help you identify the best rehabilitation program and exercises to get the most out of your MED-EL device. Better yet, they are dialed into your community, hosting events and connecting users and potential users. 

Click below where you are in your journey and see how we can help you! 

MED-EL Candidates and Candidate Caregivers

Candidates and Candidate Caregivers

Have you or your child been diagnosed with a hearing loss? Do you want to talk to someone to better understand what to expect? Our team of hearing professionals can walk you through the process and answer any question you may have. 

Here are a few that they're an expert on.

  • Can you connect me to someone in my community who experienced a similar hearing loss?
  • Can you tell me if I can play sports or swim with your device?
  • Can you help me understand connectivity and how I'll learn to talk on the phone again? 
  • Can you help me understand what all rehabilitation entails and what the road ahead looks like post-surgery?
  • What's the average time MED-EL recipients take to comfortably go back to their favorite restaurant? 

We have people waiting to support you through your unique journey, from diagnosis to activation and beyond. Let us answer your questions so you can start your journey to better hearing. 

Helping you understand what to expect is what we are hear for. 


MED-EL Recipient at Activation


As a MED-EL recipient, don't miss out on the experience of being involved with HearPeers! Run by MED-EL hearing device users for MED-EL hearing device users, HearPeers is the place to ask questions, share your story, and connect with others in your community. 

Do you want to attend a fun bowling night or even a movie with other MED-EL users? HearPeers is the ticket! Do you want to understand something complex, like how electrodes work? Or something practical, like how to wash your hair after surgery? Someone in your HearPeers community knows the answer, because they’ve all been in your shoes.

Having support from others who have experienced hearing loss is also crucial to your rehabilitation. Swap tips and tricks to optimize your listening skills so you can go explore the world and all the sound it has to offer. 

Don't wait any longer - join HearPeers now!

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MED-EL HearPeers Caregiver Community

Recipient Caregivers

While recipients need support, we recognize their caregivers need support too. HearPeers is for you too! We know you grieved at your loved one's loss of hearing and then found hope in a hearing device. You are not alone in that feeling and are probably still feeling uncertain of the future. 

There are so many families who think they have to go through this alone, not knowing there is a much larger hearing loss community at the touch of their fingertips. Talk to other moms, dads, daughters, sons, spouses, and significant others who have all gone through similar emotions and challenges. Celebrate small wins with them and allow them to share their experiences with you. 

You never know how someone else's story can impact you.

Start Connecting Now!





Our Community Engagement Managers and HearPeers community work hard to be there for you when you need us the most. We host different types of events to meet you where you are in your hearing loss journey. In order to help you choose the best event for your needs, we've provided descriptions of our two most popular event types below. 

VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSESchedule a one-hour, individual virtual appointment with your MED-EL representative to have your unique questions answered and individual needs addressed.

VIRTUAL MEET UP: Come “Meet Up” with a virtual group. This event will include a brief presentation and Q&A with MED-EL staff. We’ll answer your questions and show you our latest technology!


 Check out our upcoming events below or visit to see all events in your area! We hope to see you soon! 

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