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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about the RONDO 3 audio processor? Take a look below to find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

RONDO 3 is an audio processor for MED-EL cochlear implants and auditory brainstem implants. It is a single-unit audio processor, which means that the coil, cable, battery, and control unit are combined into one compact design that is worn comfortably off the ear.

RONDO 3 is incredibly simple. With wireless streaming, wireless charging and superior hearing performance, RONDO 3 gives you simple hearing for all day—every day.

There’s no need to change cables or fiddle with disposable batteries. This means you will save yourself time and money—and from the guilt of having to throw away all of those used batteries.

What's more, RONDO 3 can even be easily adjusted for optimal hearing with any hearing aid—including the hearing aid you may already be wearing on the other ear.

* Charging pad not manufactured by MED-EL and designs may vary.

RONDO 3 is compatible with all MED-EL multi-channel cochlear implants from the past 20+ years. Recipients with a SYNCHRONY series, CONCERTO series, SONATA series, PULSAR, C40+, or C40 implant can use  RONDO 3.

RONDO 3 provides enough battery life for a full day of hearing without interruption. Simply charge it at night, and hear all day long the next day.

Around 3 hours of charging provides enough battery life for all day of hearing.

No worries if you forget to charge it overnight. With the RONDO 3 Charging Cable and a portable power bank, you can still charge it on the go and continue using your RONDO 3 at the same time without any downtime! 

RONDO 3 is also available with a Mini Battery Pack that lets you power it with a regular AAA battery. The Mini Battery Pack, along with a fully charged integrated RONDO 3 battery, can provide power for up to 30 hours of hearing.

The integrated lithium-ion battery is designed to last at least 5 years.

There’s a simple on/off button on the top of RONDO 3. A two-second press of the button is enough to activate RONDO 3.

RONDO 3 is designed for hands-free control with Automatic Sound Management 3.0. This minimizes the need to manually change settings or make adjustments with your remote because ASM 3.0 automatically adapts to the sound environment and reduces disturbing noises.

RONDO 3 is an incredibly simple audio processor to use, so it’s the ideal option for anyone who wants an audio processor that is easy to use. This includes individuals with arthritis or limited vision.

Yes, changing the color and look of RONDO 3 is easy. You can choose from over 30 cover designs to use instead of the regular RONDO 3 cover.

With one of 5 standard covers or 9 subtle and discreet hair-patterned Design Covers, RONDO 3 can blend in. For those who would like to stand out with RONDO 3, a wide variety of Design Covers—ranging from elegant and art-inspired to classic patterns and wild animal prints—are available.

For new users and caregivers, there are also Simplicity Covers to make locating the button intuitive, and there’s even a Mini Cover to make RONDO 3 even lighter.

RONDO 3 is designed to provide the closest to natural hearing, which means better hearing and a richer, fuller hearing experience.

It’s important to remember that the implant and electrode array are the most important factors in the sound quality of a cochlear implant system.

Yes! RONDO 3 connects to smartphones, TVs, computers and more via AudioLink. AudioLink is a universal connectivity device that sends sound from your devices to RONDO 3, without you having to plug anything into your audio processor.

AudioLink also works as a remote microphone. This means you can put it on the table, and hear the conversation more clearly at dinner, in meetings, or in many other situations.

Together with the optional Mini Battery Pack accessory, RONDO 3 can be connected to almost any external audio device, including assistive listening devices (FM systems) or direct audio input cables.

With a rating of IP68, RONDO 3 is water-resistant enough to survive dust, rain, sweat, an accidental spill or splash of water, or even a brief immersion in water* without an accessory.

*Immersion in water (up to a maximum depth of 1 m for 60 minutes).

Yes, with WaterWear for RONDO 3, you can swim in pools, lakes, oceans, and more. These reusable and fully waterproof covers will give you the freedom to hear while enjoying your time in the water.

RONDO 3 is incredibly small and compact, at just 44.9 mm long by 35.8 mm wide by 11.9 mm thick. It only weighs 14.7 grams with the Mini Cover.

Yes, RONDO 3 is extremely lightweight, compact, and worn completely off the ear—so it’s perfect for all-day wearing comfort.

Definitely! RONDO 3 is worn completely off the ear, so it’s perfect for individuals who wear glasses.

Yes, thanks to its sleek design, RONDO 3 can be completely hidden under hair. There are also hair-pattern Design Covers that make it especially easy to hide RONDO 3.

Yes, RONDO 3 is designed to stay securely on your head. There are additional fixation options available, such as the Sports Headband, for added security. RONDO 3 is also sweat-resistant, so you can enjoy uninterrupted hearing during high-energy activities.

No! The only maintenance task you'll have to carry out is changing the cover every three months. Apart from that, RONDO 3 has no cables or coils, and you’ll never need to open the processor to change the batteries. It’s also dustproof and sweat resistant. This makes it very reliable and low maintenance.

RONDO 3’s reliable and cost-efficient design makes it one of the most affordable audio processors available. There are no cables or disposable batteries to replace, so daily use of RONDO 3 is very inexpensive and cost-efficient.

Yes, the charging pad for RONDO 2 can also be used for RONDO 3, or you can use the new charging pad that is included in every RONDO 3 user kit.

No. It is not possible to charge RONDO 3 while the Mini Battery Pack while is powering the device. Instead, you can use the Charging Cable and power bank to charge your RONDO 3 on the go.

No. RONDO 2 and RONDO 3 have slightly different dimensions, so WaterWear for one cannot be used for the other.

We strongly advise against changing the magnet yourself. Contact your clinician to have the magnet changed or if you experience any skin irritation.

Magnet strength is indicated by diamonds (for diametral magnets) and circles (for axial magnets) on the back of the magnet. The number of diamonds or circles indicates the strength (for example, 1 diamond means magnet strength 1).

Both RONDO 3 and SONNET 2 offer our latest sound coding technology, Automatic Sound Management 3.0. They also both have two microphones, offering a similar level of hearing performance. But when it comes to design, they have some distinct differences. RONDO 3 sits off the ear, whereas SONNET 2 hooks behind the ear. RONDO 3 is charged wirelessly and has an all-in-one design for extra simplicity. SONNET 2’s modular design makes it compatible with different wearing options like BabyWear. It also offers direct streaming with the AudioStream cover.

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