Dive right in. With WaterWear you can have fun in the water with your SONNET, RONDO, and SAMBA series audio processors.

Make a Splash

WaterWear is a fully waterproof cover that can be applied to your OPUS 2 or SONNET, SAMBA or RONDO series audio processor. Whether you're floating on a lake, soaking in a pool, or swimming in the ocean, WaterWear is right there with you.

Designed for optimal comfort and hearing performance, WaterWear can be used in fresh-, salt-, and chlorinated water. WaterWear is reusable, quick to attach, and gives you the freedom to enjoy all the activities you love.

  • Waterproof
  • Reusable
  • Great sound quality
WaterWear for RONDO 2 and SONNET 2

Ride the Waves

It’s easy to use WaterWear. Simply slide your audio processor into the cover, fix it in place with the single-use adhesive strip, and you’re ready to jump in the water.

Because WaterWear covers are reusable, each pack provides multiple days at the beach or trips to the pool. Just remember to change the adhesive strip each time you use WaterWear.

WaterWear SONNET and OPUS 2
WaterWear for SONNET 2, SONNET and OPUS 2

WaterWear for SONNET Series and OPUS 2

With a sleek, skin-tight design, WaterWear for SONNET series and OPUS 2 audio processors fits neatly around your device. SONNET series users should use their Standard Rechargeable Battery with WaterWear or swop their zinc-air batteries with alkaline or silver-oxide ones.

If you use EAS, remember to remove the EAS earhook and acoustic unit and replace it with a regular SONNET series earhook before using WaterWear.

WaterWear can be used with OPUS 2’s Standard Battery Pack with alkaline or silver-oxide batteries, or with a DaCapo PowerPack.

Micro Rechargeable Batteries, OPUS 2’s XS battery pack, and zinc-air disposable batteries must not be used with WaterWear.

WaterWear RONDO and RONDO 2
WaterWear for RONDO series

WaterWear for RONDO Series

With its compact design and snug WaterWear covers, your RONDO series audio processor is ideal for water sports.

For extra security in the water, wear a swimming cap to to keep your audio processor firmly in place. Simply place the cap over your head as normal, and enjoy hassle-free swimming.

If you have RONDO, remember to replace the zinc-air disposable batteries with alkaline or silver-oxide batteries before diving in.

WaterWear SAMBA
WaterWear for SAMBA 2 and SAMBA

WaterWear for SAMBA 2 and SAMBA

SAMBA and SAMBA 2's sleek WaterWear covers are the ideal accessory for days at the beach or trips to the pool. Replace your zinc-air batteries with alkaline or silver-oxide batteries, pop it in the cover, and you’re good to go.

If you want a bit of added fixation, you could also try wearing a swimming cap over your audio processor. This will hold your SAMBA or SAMBA 2 in place during swim races, diving tours, or any other underwater adventures.

 How to Use WaterWear

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