CI and EAS Audio Processor

These support guides will help you handle and care for the SONNET 2 & SONNET 2 EAS Audio Processor.

Additional Fixation Options

These easy-to-use accessories help keep SONNET 2 right where it should be. They are ideal for young children or for additional security during activities.


BTE Headband
Soft headband for children available in pink or blue. Can hold two SONNET 2s.


Mellie Clip
Lanyard that connects to your audio processors and can be clipped onto clothing.


Activity Hook
Slides onto SONNET 2 to provide additional support on the bottom of the ear.

Sonnet 2-Huggy

Soft fixation that goes over the full ear to hold the audio processor in place. It can also be used with a safety pin to secure ActiveWear or BabyWear to clothing.

Sonnet 2-GripWear

Adhesive pad which is applied to the bottom of the DL-Coil for better fixation. Includes 12 pads per package.


Refer to your user manual for more information.