Wearing Options
for all Ages and Needs

With five interchangeable battery packs, the flexible, modular design lets you customise the OPUS 2 to meet your individual needs or lifestyle.

Standard Battery Pack
The Standard Battery Pack configuration is slim and lightweight, with a contoured, low-profile design that fits perfectly behind the ear. With a weight of only approximately 12g including batteries, this wearing option is ideal for comfortable everyday use.

DaCapo Rechargeable Battery System
The new DaCapo rechargeable battery system makes the OPUS 2 processor even lighter! The system contains state-of-the-art rechargeable batteries, a new battery frame and a charger. The charger fits all international plugs and is easy to use. The batteries last for about 10-12 hours and have an estimated lifetime of about 3 years.

As more and more infants and young children are receiving cochlear implants, MED-EL’s BabyBTE wearing configuration was especially designed to address their special needs. The entire processor is worn on the baby’s clothing, with no equipment worn on the ear. The BabyBTE is tamper-proof and features a Status Light to allow parents to easily check that the processor is functioning correctly.

During sports, fitness and other high-energy activities, keeping the speech processor secure is an important consideration. MED-EL’s ActiveWear solution allows the entire processor to be attached to clothing so that it remains securely in place. This wearing configuration is also much less susceptible to moisture from perspiration. For sports requiring helmets, the ActiveWear option is especially convenient because the microphone is not covered and the helmet does not interfere with hearing.

Children’s Battery Pack
The Children’s Battery Pack wearing option combines the advantages of wearing the processor at ear-level with the security of attaching the battery pack to clothing. For small children, this configuration is ideal because only the small, ultra-light (4g) control unit is worn on the ear. The battery pack is worn securely on the collar or other clothing. This design provides additional security; if the control unit is brushed off the ear while a child is playing, the attached battery pack ensures that the processor will not fall to the ground or get lost.

Remote Battery Pack
The Remote Battery Pack (RBP) lets you power the processor with a single AA battery, either rechargeable or disposable. Three rechargeable batteries and a charger are included with the RBP. The Remote Battery Pack also features an input jack for easy connection to FM systems and battery operated audio devices, such as MP3 players. The RBP is worn securely on the belt or in a pocket.

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