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Your phone can do many things, and now it can connect to your audio processor too! With the AudioKey app, you can change settings, locate your audio processor, and check your hearing stats—all directly from your phone.

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AudioKey - Hear your Way

Hear your Way

Hear your Way

Leave your remote control at home and control your audio processor from your phone. AudioKey makes it easy to change the volume, switch between programs, and configure your connectivity settings, so you can hear the way you want to.

AudioKey - Find your Processor

Find your Processor

Find My Processor

Lost your audio processor? Let AudioKey help you find it again. The “Find My Processor” function shows you where you last used AudioKey with your audio processor, so you can easily retrace your steps. It even works for your child’s processor too!

Find your Processor
AudioKey - Easy for Parents

AudioKey - Easy for Parents

AudioKey - Easy for Parents

Check that your child is hearing their best. With the “Guardian Role” function, you can adjust the settings on your child’s audio processor from your phone and keep a record of their hearing stats. AudioKey is also the only app that allows you to pair more than one audio processor with your phone, which is ideal if you have multiple children with cochlear implants.

And of course the “Guardian Role” isn’t just for parents, it’s useful for anyone who takes care of a cochlear implant recipient!

AudioKey - Easy for Parents
AudioKey - Check your Stats

Check your Stats

Check your Stats

Ever wondered how many hours you wear your audio processor each day? The “My Stats” page on AudioKey has the answer. You can also check which programs you use the most and view your connectivity statistics too.

Check your Stats
AudioKey - Compatibility with AudioKey

Compatibility with AudioKey

To find out if your audio processor can be used with AudioKey, take a look at the table below. Please note that some audio processors are compatible with AudioKey via AudioLink. That means that both your phone and your audio processor have to be connected to AudioLink in order to use the app.

Compatible with AudioKey



Compatible with AudioKey via AudioLink




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Technical Data


To install the app, you need:

  • a smartphone with one of the following mobile operating systems
    • Android: Android 5.0, Android 6.0, Android 7.0, Android 8.0, Android 9.0 or Android 10.0
    • iOS: iOS 11.0, iOS 12.0 or iOS 13.0
  • a minimum of 150 MB free storage space
  • an internet connection


To use the app, you need:

  • a smartphone with AudioKey installed
  • Bluetooth activated on your smartphone
  • an active myMED-EL account


Internet connectivity
The app needs internet connection during:

  • download and installation
  • user registration
  • login
  • scanning for audio processors
  • usage of the "Find My Processor" functionality
  • usage of the "My Stats" functionality
  • usage of the "Guardian Role" functionality
  • user profile change


AudioKey can use Wi-Fi or mobile (cellular) data connections. Follow the standard instructions of the device manufacturer to set up internet connectivity on your smartphone.