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MED-EL UK is proud of its dedicated team, who work in partnership with Hearing Implant centres throughout the UK, to achieve the best possible hearing outcomes for patients.

Within this section, you will find:

  • your nearest clinic with our Clinic Finder to identify UK centres supplying MED-EL Implants.
  • Order spare parts and accessories using our UK Shop.
  • Read UK users' experiences of CI, Vibrant and Bonebridge.
  • Apply for the UK Music Grant
  • Upcoming Events and Training, for professionals.
  • Find useful links.

The HearPeers Mentor Programme

As a candidate for a hearing implant or a new implant user, you’ll have many questions. The HearPeers Mentor Programme is there for you. Share your questions and concerns with people who have lived through similar experiences by connecting to a HearPeers Mentor online or at an event near you.

The HearPeers website also contains information to help you get up-to-date information to help you decide whether a hearing implant is right for you or your child.

Would you like to connect to a mentor, or become a mentor yourself?

Visit HearPeers Today

Helping you to buy accessories direct from MED-EL

What can I buy?

You can buy a range of items for your processor direct from MED-EL using the MED-EL UK Shop. Items available include spares, replacement cables, batteries, and exciting accessories. Full central processing units (CPU), DUET2 battery packs, and DUET2 acoustic ear hooks can also be bought with prior consent from your CI clinic. For more details please see the product catalogues below. Look out for our e-commerce facility coming very soon.

Can anyone order from the MED-EL Shop?

Only UK registered users, parents of users, or supporting professionals can buy items.

How do I order?

Simply email orders@medel.co.uk and they will contact you to discuss the items you would like to buy.

Find out more

For further information please read our FAQs or contact us by email at orders@medel.co.uk or FREEPHONE 0330 123 5601. (Not all products might be available in your area)

MED-EL patients can now order WaterWear for SONNET, SONNET EAS, and OPUS 2 directly from the MED-EL UK shop. RONDO WaterWear also available. The WaterWear package comprises of a WaterWear set and compatible silver-oxide batteries (items also sold separately). For prices and to order contact orders@medel.co.uk.

Free swimming bag for first 100 WaterWear orders for behind the ear audio processors!

Product Catalogue

with D-Coil with DL-Coil

Product Catalogue


Product Catalogue


Product Catalogue


Product Catalogue


Music Grant
We care about helping you get the best benefit from your implant.

Music Grant

The MED-EL UK music grant gives MED-EL hearing implant users the chance to own and learn to play a musical instrument.

Every year a winner from our two categories: under 19s; 19s and over, will receive:

  • A musical instrument of their choice, up to the value of £500.
  • One 30 minute lesson per week for one year.
  • £30 allowance for sheet music. 

Who can apply?

It doesn't matter whether you're a musical beginner or already have some experience, all we ask is you have the commitment, enthusiasm and motivation to learn how to play an instrument.

As long as you're a MED-EL hearing implant user and live in the UK we'd love to hear from you. Applicants under the age of 18 years old must have the consent of their parent or legal guardian. Terms and conditions apply.

Apply Now Online

The deadline for applications is 29 July each year. Winners will be announced by the end of August. Good luck!

Under 19s winner

Music loving Eleanor who has a Cochlear Implant chose to play the guitar and is loving her weekly guitar lessons!

Music and the Deaf
a MED-EL nominated charity

MED-EL UK's nominated charity, Music and the Deaf (MATD), was founded in 1988 by Dr Paul Whittaker OBE, to help deaf people, and those who live and work with them, access and enjoy music.

Hearing implant users are very welcome at all workshops and events run by Music and the Deaf.

Working together for a two year period, MED-EL and MATD are running a joint programme of workshops and training courses, in addition to the wide range of activities and music clubs organised by the charity already.


UK User Stories
MED-EL is very grateful to all the users who have kindly agreed to share their experiences.

Cochlear Implant Recipient

Laurie was diagnosed with impaired hearing in his late teens during a medical test for the RAF. This was treated with hearing aids. However, in the last ten years Laurie's hearing degenerated, leaving him increasingly isolated, even within his family circle. Since receiving his cochlear implant, Laurie enjoys being back at the centre of family life, taking full part in conversations with his children and grandchildren.

Cochlear Implant Recipient

Duncan is a bilateral CI User who was 29 years old when he received his first cochlear implant. His progressive hearing loss made using the telephone difficult, he felt self conscious and would avoid being the centre of attention. Since having his implants, Duncan has set up a successful business and using his telephone is something he now takes for granted.

Cochlear Implant Recipient

Music and reading are very important to Hanna. Her hobby as a book reviewer gives Hanna the opportunity to express her opinions which she does with great confidence. Profoundly deaf since a very young age, Hanna enjoys playing her cornet in the youth orchestra and listening to pop music with friends, both of which are only possible thanks to her cochlear implant.

Middle Ear & Bone Conduction Implant Stories

Middle Ear Implant Recipient

Susan's confidence had plummeted. Frequent ear infections meant she was often unable to wear her digital hearing aids, so her work and home life suffered. Susan rejected traditional bone anchored hearing aids, instead choosing Vibrant Soundbridge implants. Now she finally enjoys talking to her 6 grandchildren on the telephone.

Bone Conduction Implant Recipient

Recurrent ear infections meant that Karen, a healthcare assistant and busy mum of two, was unable to wear hearing aids to treat her conductive hearing loss. Fitted with a Bonebridge implant system in December 2012, her confidence has soared as she feels "like a part of life again."

Middle Ear Implant Recipient

Sarai has a genetic hearing loss, after not wearing her hearing aids through her self-conscious teens, she was offered a Vibrant Soundbridge and implanted in 2002. The confidence boost from her implant has resulted in several promotions at work and she now travels the world on business.

Middle Ear Implant Recipient

After picking up an ear infection swimming on holiday, teacher Ken had to retire when hearing aids provided no directional hearing in the classroom. Being a wizz in IT Ken discovered the Vibrant Soundbridge and hasn't looked back since

Middle Ear Implant Recipient

Flying to France for information on a new semi-implantable treatment for her hearing loss, the news one year later that Vibrant Soundbridge was available in Northern Ireland was just ideal for Maralyn.

Middle Ear Implant Recipient

June was diagnosed with congenital hearing loss and struggled to adjust to hearing aids. Being a psychiatric nurse her hearing caused a communication barrier at work and she soon feared she may lose her job. After developing severe eczema June was the ideal candidate for the Vibrant Soundbridge

ADHEAR Bone Conduction System
Bone Conduction System Stories

ADHEAR Recipient

ADHEAR has made an overwhelming difference to William’s life. Whether it’s in school, during daily family life or joining in at this rugby club, ADHEAR has given William the chance to lead a full and active life. It has not only had a positive influence on his social life but has strengthened his own self confidence.

Events & Training

MED-EL organises a number of workshops and events throughout the year for UK professionals working in surgical, audiological and rehabilitation disciplines.

We also offer bespoke in-house training run by our clinical team.

If you are interested in attending any of our events or would like to discuss our in-house training courses, please contact the conference team on 01226 242874 or email conferences@medel.co.uk.

Attending 2018

BSHAA, BSA and BAA Joint Event
7th February 2018
Hilton, Leeds

More Info

BCIG Annual Conference and AGM

17th - 18th May 2018


More Info

BACO International 2018
British Association of Otorhinolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery

4th - 6th July 2018

Manchester Central, Petersfield, M2 3GX

More Info

Implantable Acoustic Devices

11th - 12th October 2018


BAA 15th Annual Conference

8th - 9th November 2018


More Info


M7 – MAESTRO 7 Training
8th - 9th May 2018


Useful Links

Action on Hearing loss

UK charity raising awareness of deafness and hearing loss.

Visit Website


British Academy of audiology

Visit Website


British Cochlear Implant Group

Visit Website

Cochlear Implanted Children’s Support Group (CICS)

A support group founded by parents whose deaf children use cochlear implants.

Visit Website

Cochlear Implant User Group (UK)

A support group set up within 'Yahoo Groups' for cochlear implant users within the UK.

Visit Group

Ear Foundation

Provides services which bridge the gap between the clinics and the local community.

Visit Website

Home Counties Cochlear Implant Group (HCCIG)

A support network to exchange information and discuss all aspects of cochlear implants in a social environment.

Visit Website


This association is open to all cochlear implant users, their family and friends.

Visit Website

Contact us

In addition to the main telephone line, we have introduced departmental telephone numbers and email addresses to ensure your enquiry is dealt with as efficiently as possible.

UK Head Office

3 Park Square
Thorncliffe Park
S35 2PH

FREEPHONE: 0330 123 5601 
E-mail: customerservice@medel.co.uk

Clinical Support

Technical support to clinics and patients, surgical support and professional training.

FREEPHONE: 0330 123 5601
E-mail: clinicalsupport@medel.co.uk

Customer Services

General information, device registration and special orders.

FREEPHONE: 0330 123 5601
E-mail: customerservice@medel.co.uk


Product orders, repairs and holiday loaners.

E-mail: orders@medel.co.uk

Conference and Marketing

Events, training, sponsorship, literature requests and media.

FREEPHONE: 0330 123 5601
E-mail: conferences@medel.co.uk


You will also find helpful information in the BRIDGE to better communication rehabilitation section of the website.

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